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Southern Lord Records signs OM

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 10:29 PM PT

Official press release:

It is with extreme honor that Southern Lord Records is officially able to announce the signing of San Francisco's OM. OM was formed in 2003 by Al Cisneros (bass/vocals) and Chris Hakius (drums), both founding members of legendary doom pioneers Sleep. The band has released two previous albums with Holy Mountain Records: "Variations on a Theme" (2004), and "Conference of the Birds" (2006). OM will fit perfectly among other bands on the Southern Lord roster (Sunn 0))), Earth, Boris) who are continually pushing boundaries, and forging ahead in new directions. OM are helping reinvent AND reinforce modern heavy music.

Their first album for Southern Lord will be recorded this summer at Electrical Audio studios with Steve Albini at the controls. Album title and release date will be forthcoming.


1/24/2007 10:32:14 PM
first post

1/24/2007 10:33:01 PM
this is going to be amazing... Sleep reunion please

1/24/2007 10:36:51 PM
so awesome. OM is too fcking good.

1/24/2007 10:38:51 PM
this is fcking awesome

1/24/2007 10:49:47 PM
anyone have a leaked ysi

1/24/2007 11:02:48 PM
bad ass a+ sir

1/24/2007 11:14:23 PM
OM? Sounds like a Sunn O))) lyric

1/24/2007 11:23:13 PM
cave in................................

1/24/2007 11:25:52 PM
i think i just peed a little. next up, sleep reunion plz thx

1/25/2007 12:11:38 AM
OM G YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

1/25/2007 1:07:51 AM

1/25/2007 3:02:22 AM

1/25/2007 8:10:29 AM
this will be the best record of whatever year it comes out... i just hope the lyrics are a little more abstract on this next effort.

1/25/2007 8:18:12 AM
OM + Steve Albini can not wait!

1/25/2007 9:14:36 AM
YES! 10/10 news!

1/25/2007 9:56:37 AM
great news! more OM!

1/25/2007 10:16:21 AM

1/25/2007 11:19:01 AM
Ah be sure to check it out

1/25/2007 12:19:34 PM
who? what? GO BEARS

1/25/2007 1:45:19 PM
Lambgoat gets the late pass award... OM rulz

1/25/2007 4:24:57 PM
OM = Good.......

1/25/2007 5:38:50 PM
maybe they'll make them do a US tour this year

1/26/2007 2:21:25 PM
OM are playing Seattle Feb 3rd. All over that.