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Bury Your Dead frontman quits band

Monday, January 1, 2007 11:45 AM PT

Bury Your Dead singer Mat Bruso has reportedly left the band. Consequently, the group has apparently dropped off their January UK dates with Killswitch Engage and The Haunted. No further information is available.

UPDATE: Bury Your Dead has confirmed the departure of Bruso, releasing the following statement:

"We are sorry to say that Mat Bruso will not be singing for Bury Your Dead anymore. He has decided that he has come to a point in his life where he must focus on more important things like going back to school to become a teacher and his upcoming marriage. You have to respect that and we are in no way mad. Just upset that were loosing a piece of the family. We do however look forward to trying out new vocalist and finding our new frontman. Thanks to everyone taking a interest in trying out and thanks for everyones support. We also apologize for having to cancel our Europe run with Killswitch Engage and The Haunted. We hope you all understand."


1/1/2007 11:47:46 AM

1/1/2007 11:48:28 AM
whoa awesome!

1/1/2007 11:50:05 AM
ohhhhhh shiiittttttt!!!!

1/1/2007 11:53:04 AM
best news of 07

1/1/2007 11:54:12 AM
he got his ass kicked by Travis FSU about a year or so ago

1/1/2007 12:10:04 PM

1/1/2007 12:11:57 PM
at least someone knows how to start the new year right.

1/1/2007 12:31:42 PM

1/1/2007 12:46:48 PM
2007 is looking great already! now if only some one would car bomb falloutboys bus....

1/1/2007 12:50:30 PM
Ill believe in god if they break up as a result of this.

1/1/2007 12:52:56 PM
i wonder what the story is behind this... they still suck..

1/1/2007 1:36:21 PM
ridethesnake 1/1/2007 11:54:12 AM he got his ass kicked by Travis FSU about a year or so ago..... i fcking love Travis. Too bad he's in jail now.

1/1/2007 1:41:25 PM

1/1/2007 1:49:59 PM
sweeeeeet 10/10 news

1/1/2007 1:50:52 PM
shit band, great news

1/1/2007 1:56:00 PM
oh no!!!! what will happen to hardcore?!

1/1/2007 2:13:04 PM
Best. News. Of. The. Year.

1/1/2007 2:13:14 PM
LOL @ SteveO. Ha ha ha ha! Unfortunately there was absolutely nothing special about his vocals and he is easy to replace........lets just hope it doesnt happen.

1/1/2007 2:19:58 PM
he was the second singer anyways. who cares.

1/1/2007 2:21:08 PM
strangely bummed :[

1/1/2007 2:22:01 PM
toughcore kids will now kill themselves

1/1/2007 2:23:07 PM
2007 roolz

1/1/2007 2:32:24 PM
Can't wait for the MySpace blog about this one, you know it's coming.

1/1/2007 2:41:53 PM
gay shit. no care. break up you dckwads.

1/1/2007 2:48:52 PM
2007 is starting out right!

1/1/2007 2:56:58 PM
haha nice

1/1/2007 3:02:20 PM
Lame, Mat was an awesome frontman, fck the haters.

1/1/2007 3:02:57 PM
this still doesn't make up for the banner getting back together but it does help. ^_^

1/1/2007 3:15:51 PM
he probably got upset when someone confused him for fred durst, those nu metal singers are hard to distinguish

1/1/2007 3:45:11 PM
"shit band." "gays." "hoooorible band." If they suck so bad, stop reading their fcking news and posting about it gays.

1/1/2007 3:46:43 PM
oh no! the humanity

1/1/2007 3:50:23 PM
He is also still very very stupid.

1/1/2007 3:56:34 PM
"shit band." "gays." "hoooorible band." what i was going to post verbatim.

1/1/2007 4:24:42 PM
the nerve! bring back the first dude.

1/1/2007 4:40:14 PM
Holy fcking shit.

1/1/2007 4:47:11 PM
Shitty news

1/1/2007 5:10:52 PM
this year kicks ass already

1/1/2007 5:28:14 PM
grindcore 1/1/2007 3:45:11 PM "shit band." "gays." "hoooorible band." If they suck so bad, stop reading their fcking news and posting about it gays. GET OUT OF HERE STREET TEAMER BR0!

1/1/2007 5:38:42 PM
Old BYD was good stuff. Sad to see him go. And as for him getting beat up by some FSU dckbag, if you think your "crew" is tough, start something with a real gang and see how tough you feel.

1/1/2007 5:45:36 PM
this is wonderful news

1/1/2007 5:47:57 PM
he left to join koRn.

1/1/2007 6:03:42 PM
fantastic. the world needs more of these kind of happenings.

1/1/2007 6:05:59 PM
3rd singer, by the way. not second. just to clear that up. still a douchebag.

1/1/2007 6:56:47 PM
Last time I saw that guy, he was rocking out to Jada Pinkett Smith's band at Ozzfest.

1/1/2007 7:26:41 PM
lame band, as is all tough guy. word.

1/1/2007 7:43:35 PM
First Denny Green gets fired and now this?!?!?!?!?!?!

1/1/2007 8:10:38 PM
*hopes to try out* *brings br0morsh furiously*

1/1/2007 8:11:32 PM

1/1/2007 8:22:14 PM
*circle pits thread* *spin kicks furiously*

1/1/2007 8:41:51 PM
yea he must of got the idea that this band now sucks horribly. smart man.

1/1/2007 8:46:17 PM

1/1/2007 9:08:01 PM
BAAAAHAHAHAHA!! starting off the year RIGHT:D

1/1/2007 9:22:58 PM
wtf!? i did NOT see this coming.

1/1/2007 9:37:23 PM
who cares they suck, they should get back the other singer they had.

1/1/2007 10:06:10 PM
too bad, awesome guy

1/1/2007 10:06:15 PM
Someone's got a case of the Monday's

1/1/2007 10:35:50 PM

1/1/2007 11:06:25 PM

1/1/2007 11:17:58 PM

1/1/2007 11:56:34 PM

1/1/2007 11:57:30 PM
YAY! plz break up you shitty fcking band

1/2/2007 12:22:36 AM
shit band, however, if they get Will Smith to replace him I feel like I would be obligated to support them

1/2/2007 12:33:04 AM
this makes me so happy..they fcking blow..or they did hahahaha.

1/2/2007 12:58:30 AM
Oh well, he still has his career at Friendly's to fall back on.

1/2/2007 2:05:45 AM
this is the hottest news since Saddams testicle hanging.

1/2/2007 2:43:33 AM
seriously, stop talking shit about a person you dont know. Mat is a genuine and nice person and so are the rest of the guys. Atleast they are making a name for themselves, working hard, getting on huge tours and doing what most people omly dream of.

1/2/2007 2:46:05 AM
get some new comments, lambgoat. he was alright. no reason to be so fcking ridiculous.

1/2/2007 2:54:55 AM
He's gone, they should split

1/2/2007 3:13:14 AM
bury your fcking dead.

1/2/2007 3:19:04 AM
*posts to add to ridiculous ammount of comments for shit ass band*

1/2/2007 3:21:14 AM
omly. omly. omly. omly. omly.

1/2/2007 4:55:01 AM
I don't talk shit about people I know. So by default, it's my duty to talk shit about people I don't know. shit band so glad this happened please break up and destroy your master tapes and unsold cds.

1/2/2007 5:23:31 AM
Awesome band and good people

1/2/2007 6:47:10 AM
What has the world come to

1/2/2007 8:57:26 AM
hey kimberly, how is it as a new goater? seeing as you signed up only to post that idiotic defense of an aids ridden nu-mosh band

1/2/2007 10:29:33 AM
I like matt. he's a good dude.

1/2/2007 11:03:41 AM
sad to see him go

1/2/2007 11:55:07 AM
Who fcking cares. This band is of no significance, they have made no impact whatsoever.

1/2/2007 12:34:14 PM
xrebelheartsx 1/1/2007 6:05:59 PM 3rd singer, by the way. not second. just to clear that up. still a douchebag. ACTUALLY this was infact the 5th SINGER they've had, by the way. Yes, really. AND Yes, really, who cares!

1/2/2007 1:29:34 PM
"I WANNA SEE SUM SHIT!!!1" -mat bruso

1/2/2007 1:49:34 PM
right before he left the band, mat said "THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU WILL EVER YOU WILL NEVER LIE TO MY FACE!" and the rest of the band said "what the fck does that even mean?" and then he quit. true story.

1/2/2007 2:30:28 PM
wow "jeremysignals" what an original name you have! it appears you have been in touch with VIP hc scene members over AIM to have accessed that info. sounds like everyone in this story, including you, is a grown up child.

1/2/2007 2:46:29 PM
Bury Your Fred

1/2/2007 3:20:57 PM
ror @ this band. they suck anyways. i change my XM channel whenever their songs come up.

1/2/2007 3:42:45 PM
Remeber when mat got his ass kicked by FSU chinese division member Ding Dong tr00 story.

1/2/2007 3:53:22 PM
left cause slim got too fatt.

1/2/2007 4:06:02 PM
every one of you who don't support this band are gays and i hope u die.. he was an excellent frontman and the band kicks ass.. all of u dirty metal homos should go suck on a spikey cat dck.. XXX Bury Your fcking Dead XXX ... fck u metal gays

1/2/2007 4:30:06 PM
it was a combination of an apparent red bull overdose that opened his eyes that his life was spiraling out of control after he had wrecked his yellow ferrari killing a single mother and her fiance

1/2/2007 4:30:40 PM
i like these guys but some of these "fans" are fcking babies. this guy in the comment above me is just a fcking retard.

1/2/2007 4:37:48 PM
and in conjunction with the guy above me he also quit because he realized he was in a band thats fanbase consisted of 14 yr olds that would DIE FOR BURY YOUR DEAD. dun dun dun dun dun-dun dun-dun dun dun

1/2/2007 4:47:48 PM
Butter Your fcking Bread makes me LOL everytime

1/2/2007 4:57:38 PM

1/2/2007 5:16:27 PM
I think its a rumor, he probably like went home to care for his sick dog or some shit and some scene kid made up another bullshit story that traveled too fast

1/2/2007 5:58:41 PM
Soupy Sales is gonna be the new headmaster at Hogwarts

1/2/2007 6:01:45 PM
the rumor i heard was he's leaving to be a teacher... not kidding. FINISH YOUR fckING TESTS

1/2/2007 6:16:31 PM

1/2/2007 6:44:30 PM
amen brother XXX

1/2/2007 6:47:53 PM
i have mixed feelings about this..i kinda like cover but found beauty to have 0 replay value

1/2/2007 10:05:34 PM
im not even gonna comment on the number of grammatical errors in that statement. D'OH! i just did.

1/3/2007 12:32:19 AM
101st post.

1/3/2007 1:23:08 AM
i spy preteen goaters. get fcked. i will miss mat too. nice guy.

1/3/2007 1:37:09 AM
lol, did that BYD4LIFE guy really say "spikey cat dck"? i'm rolling on my floor.

1/3/2007 1:57:10 AM
too many comments being left for such a retard band.

1/3/2007 2:58:09 AM
Not a bad group. Go figure..a band that has made a name for themself and lambgoat hates them. How hard is lakjdflajsdklajsdd rocking these days anyways guys?

1/3/2007 3:00:45 AM
but what will he do? http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseac

1/3/2007 6:31:50 AM
The dude is a awesome frontman. That said, his vocals on the last album sounded really tired. I think this is good for everybody. BYD needs a little more range on the vocal end.

1/3/2007 8:21:20 AM
UPDATE: of course he has to concentrate on his marriage. she helped him write the lyrics of the last cd, which SUCKED. less nu metal effects, more breakdowns and two step parts.

1/3/2007 10:39:08 AM
please say that the BYD4LIFE guy is a gimmick

1/3/2007 12:57:26 PM
ARCHITECTkills 1/3/2007 12:52:33 PM ill do it, but im only using a single kick, a snare, hi hat, 1 tom and a ride cymbal and we have to play atleast 4 SLEEP covers a show.

1/3/2007 1:18:11 PM
Whoever said that the morons in this band were "nice guys" is an idiot. Bunch of jerkoffs they are.

1/3/2007 3:20:23 PM
i wouldn't go so far as to say he's the best. he was good, and they're all good dudes... but not the best hardcore vocalist...

1/3/2007 4:50:49 PM
BYD4LIFE........ yea, pretty homo.

1/3/2007 5:59:56 PM
hell yeah we are starting this year off right, now maybe they will just break up and start hosting shows on MTV or something where they belong.

1/3/2007 7:03:48 PM
114 comments!?! man James Brown, Gerald Ford, Saddam and now this.... :(

1/3/2007 7:12:50 PM
Man I hope he becomes a Chemistry teacher. Pb IS fckING LEAD!!!!

1/3/2007 8:14:34 PM
this still doesn't make up for the banner getting back together but it does help. ^_^ i concur, great news, break the fck up

1/3/2007 9:48:33 PM
the 1st singer of buryourdead( the one mat stole all his moves from) now sings in WWW.MYSPACE.COM/PLAYGIRLBAND get into it

1/3/2007 11:19:41 PM
how are they not a good band.. they play heavy ass music and know how to put on a great show.. what kind of bands do you guys like.. slayer slipknot avenged sevenfold seriously you people are pathetic if you can't say they are a good band XXX

1/4/2007 1:41:18 AM
Wow! Almost 10,000 hits on this piece. By far one of the most ive ever seen on LG. Bunch of closet BYD fans!!

1/4/2007 8:15:33 AM
playgirl 1/3/2007 9:48:33 PM the 1st singer of buryourdead( the one mat stole all his moves from) now sings in WWW.MYSPACE.COM/PLAYGIRLBAND get into it/// no one cares about your shitty new band Joe!!! stfu

1/4/2007 11:03:12 PM
BYD was good in the beginning, but i couldn't get into their newer shit. either way, the only impact they made was eggshells on bruce dckinson's face at ozzfest. me no care.

1/5/2007 12:02:22 AM
"...he must focus on more important things like..." Not singing for such a shitty band would be on the top of my priorities...

1/16/2007 11:51:27 AM
Mat was sick R I P