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Willowtip Records signs Odious Mortem

Friday, November 03, 2006 5:19 PM PT

Willowtip Records has officially announced the signing of Santa Cruz, CA technical death metal outfit, Odious Mortem. Consisting of members Anthony Trapani (Carnivorous) on vocals, Joel Horner on bass, Dan Eggers on guitar, and KC Howard (Decrepit Birth) on drums, Odious Mortem will enter Castle Ultimate Studios (Oakland, CA) with Zack Ohren this month to record their Willowtip debut, "Cryptic Implosion." Comprised of eleven tracks, the effort is the follow-up to the group's prior release with Unique Leader Records. The band comments on the signing: "We are honored to say that we are now part of Willowtip Records, a label that represents progressive metal of many styles." "Cryptic Implosion" will be released in early 2007. Demo recordings of "The Endless Regression of Mind" and "Domain of the Eternal Paradox' can be found online here.

The track listing for "Cryptic Implosion" is as follows:

01. Reflections of a Past Existence
02. Fragmented Oblivion
03. The Endless Regression of Mind
04. Conjoint Species
05. Vile Progeny
06. Dysmorphic Avulsion
07. Nux Vomic
08. Subcortical Desiccation
09. Gestation of Worms
10. Domain of the Eternal Paradox
11. Collapse of Recreation


11/3/2006 5:21:53 PM
shitty song names

11/3/2006 5:29:59 PM
whoa.. i love this band, didn't see this signing coming at all. awesome news.

11/3/2006 5:41:16 PM
weird.....awesome band though

11/3/2006 6:02:50 PM
first post? this bands ok

11/3/2006 6:10:05 PM
i havent heard these guys, but am i the only one who thinks decrepit birth is frustratingly boring? oh wait i dont care what you guys think because if its technical and fast it must be good. right?

11/3/2006 6:21:19 PM
awesome dudes, awesome band.

11/3/2006 6:36:31 PM

11/3/2006 6:39:25 PM
willowtip signing tech death bands? i never saw it coming either.

11/3/2006 8:00:33 PM
yeah yeah yeah.. right.. whatever.. now where the fck is the new CrotchDuster album!?

11/3/2006 8:37:31 PM
sick band, decrepit birth is sick aswell. new stuff is just amazing.

11/3/2006 9:34:06 PM
awesome this band is amazing

11/3/2006 10:09:50 PM
very talented band..they deserve this..props!!!, ssup

11/3/2006 10:19:33 PM
technical death metal outfit. will check out

11/3/2006 11:30:35 PM
Thats cool, these guys are really talented, isn't their drummer in Decrepit birth as well?

11/3/2006 11:40:47 PM
great sign awesome band

11/4/2006 2:39:57 AM

11/4/2006 12:38:59 PM
awesome band, i never saw this coming. the new album will sound badass, Zach does amazing work.

11/4/2006 2:28:52 PM
*blushes furiously*

11/5/2006 12:16:41 AM
great dudes and band and cave in cuz im in the know like dat!

11/5/2006 1:44:54 AM

11/5/2006 4:07:52 PM
JOEL "koRner" HORNER!!! fck Notorious DOB

11/5/2006 4:47:12 PM
Santa Cruz sucks

11/6/2006 9:23:17 AM
Decrepit Birth

11/6/2006 9:33:21 AM
JASON TIPTONS-O-FUN!!!!!!! he should play gay drums for circle!!! ahahahahahahah