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Cannibal Corpse, Necrophagist, etc. tour

Sunday, August 20, 2006 9:37 AM PT

Cannibal Corpse will headline the "Carving North America's Epitaph Vol. II" tour with support from Dying Fetus, Necrophagist, and Unmerciful. The following dates have been confirmed thus far:

11/10 Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
11/11 Philadelphia, PA @ The Trocadero
11/13 New Haven, CT @ Toad's Place
11/14 Montreal, QC @ Le Medley
11/15 Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
11/16 Buffalo, NY @ The Buffalo Icon
11/17 Detroit, MI @ Harpo's
11/21 Englewood, CO @ Gothic Theatre
11/24 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
11/26 San Francisco, CA @ Slim's
12/6 Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues
12/7 Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room


8/20/2006 9:39:25 AM

8/20/2006 9:39:40 AM
fcking dying fetus?

8/20/2006 9:51:10 AM
i've seen cc some many times...........

8/20/2006 9:57:48 AM
no MA date? New Haven is like 3 and a half hours away....

8/20/2006 10:30:17 AM
last date, will be there.

8/20/2006 10:48:30 AM
gosh.. this would be amazing.

8/20/2006 11:24:43 AM
I'd seriously love to see all theses bands, but if I have to go all the way out to blackville PA @ ThE Trocadero, i aint even thnkin bout it

8/20/2006 11:53:50 AM
the troc is in chinatown in center city philly. it is nowhere near a bad neighborhood.stop being a bitch

8/20/2006 12:25:59 PM
the buffalo show is going to rip

8/20/2006 12:38:04 PM
oh my god, hahaha. i'm so there.

8/20/2006 12:43:34 PM
what a fun tour this would be

8/20/2006 12:53:48 PM
Looks like these bands are gonna be doing a shitload of driving. The dates are hella spaced out. A very fun tour though.

8/20/2006 1:00:47 PM
12/7 im already there

8/20/2006 1:07:38 PM
*waits for MA date

8/20/2006 1:32:18 PM
damnit... same day as the suffocation show, but i think this would be better

8/20/2006 1:44:34 PM
will be at the Philly date. The time to kill is motherfcking now!

8/20/2006 3:57:47 PM
sounds good

8/20/2006 3:58:25 PM
fck, harops is the biggest piece of garbage in the fcking world i feel safer walking around in iraq with muslums are gays painted on my naked body

8/20/2006 4:13:41 PM
Will be at 11/15 for sure

8/20/2006 4:24:52 PM
will be there if theres any way possible... might be out of town :/

8/20/2006 4:46:38 PM
those bastards arent coming to ohio. but this is one hell of a tour!

8/20/2006 5:11:31 PM
Necrophagist is amazing and cannibal corpse can suck it

8/20/2006 5:52:58 PM
necrophagist and dying fetus. sick.

8/20/2006 6:04:35 PM
shit tour. fck cc

8/20/2006 6:26:35 PM

8/20/2006 6:50:27 PM
why would necrophagist tour with a lot of shitty bands

8/20/2006 7:40:38 PM
shadoe 8/20/2006 6:50:27 PM why would necrophagist tour with a lot of shitty bands

8/20/2006 8:25:18 PM
Hate Eternal or Misery Index in place of Fetus would make this fcking amazing.

8/20/2006 9:26:38 PM
11/17 will be there

8/20/2006 10:02:42 PM
Will be at the troc definately

8/21/2006 12:03:13 AM
Necrophagist is too good for this...

8/21/2006 12:18:47 AM
Strongarm you've obviously never heard Unmerciful and looking at your fav bands you haven't heard much of what is thrown around on this board.

8/21/2006 1:45:46 AM
i love how Louisiana sucks so bad that we only get Nickelback concerts and the occasional visit from a washed up 80s glam band trying to make a comback....so i guess this tour is out of the question.

8/21/2006 1:49:27 AM
What is with all these people dissing Dying Fetus they are ridiculous.

8/21/2006 7:32:14 AM
Lol, this is fcking too br00tal.

8/21/2006 11:06:06 AM
Sucks that there is no AZ date or anywhere close. Dying Fetus is fcking amazing.

8/21/2006 12:55:03 PM
so stoked for the 11/13 show,i've been waiting forever to see cannibal corpse

8/21/2006 1:23:59 PM
Dethroned dont try to dictate what I have and havnt heard. Unmerciful is cool, but are generic in comparison. Necrophagist owns this tour

8/21/2006 1:36:14 PM
sweet lineup. I'm suprised San Fran is the only CA date. I'm looking forward to this.

8/21/2006 1:39:09 PM
No TX dates.......GOD DAMMIT!

8/21/2006 1:55:11 PM
fck harpos

8/21/2006 2:54:14 PM
wow, i will be there.

8/21/2006 6:19:15 PM
wetdream. philly

8/24/2006 2:21:42 PM
no louisiana date fck that.