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Children Of Bodom prepares new DVD release

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 4:21 PM PT

Official press release:

Children Of Bodom are preparing to release their first U.S. DVD. "Chaos Ridden Years – Stockholm Knockout Live" will be the title of this milestone release in COB's young, yet extensive career. The worldwide release date of this DVD is October 10th, 2006. The release is estimated to contain over three hours of nonstop COB action. Containing a live concert, videos, and a rare documentary on the band from past to present; this DVD will be a must for all COB fans and guitar fans all around.

Directed by Patric Ullaeus from Revolver Film Company, the DVD will mainly focus on a live concert in Stockholm running over 90 minutes of live excitement.

The track listing is as follows:

*Living Dead Beat
*Silent Night, Bodom Night
*Hate Me!
*We're Not Gonna Fall
*Angels Don't Kill
*Bodom After Midnight / Bodom Beach Terror - medley
*Follow the Reaper
*Needled 24/7
*In Your Face
*Hate Crew Deathroll
*Are You Dead Yet?
*Lake Bodom
*Everytime I Die

The DVD will contain every official COB video ever made! Here's a list of the videos:

*Deadnight Warrior
*Everytime I Die
*Needled 24/7
*Trashed, Lost & Strungout
*In Your Face
*Are You Dead Yet? (original version and alternative version)

Rounding out the material on this super-packed DVD will be two interviews/documentary-films about the band's past, present and future, directed by Yka Jarvinen (Indie Films OY), a "making of the DVD," and photogallery.


6/13/2006 4:30:42 PM
First post.

6/13/2006 5:38:26 PM
o rly?

6/13/2006 5:52:57 PM

6/13/2006 5:57:49 PM
when does the gay keyboardist's DVD come out

6/13/2006 6:29:09 PM
oooooohhhhhhhh. aaaaaaaawwwwwwwww. DVDs are so fcking lame...

6/13/2006 7:25:44 PM
fck the haters

6/13/2006 9:47:34 PM
Could be interesting.

6/13/2006 9:58:01 PM
could be a big yawn.....

6/14/2006 5:05:25 AM
the dvd will include a "make of the dvd" section? that makes it worthwhile then. oh, there is an alternative version of Are you dead yet? - still very little care.

6/14/2006 9:30:02 AM
This band is nothing more than a crashing bore. They got a sweet new alt rock lookin' video too. I'm sure these fckin ass bags are gonna be a real hit on on the UN-unholy alliance tour.

6/14/2006 1:58:40 PM
worth watching