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Misery Signals recording new album

Friday, May 5, 2006 9:20 PM PT

Official press release:

Misery Signals have just entered the studio for a month long recording session for their second full-length Mirrors to be released this fall. Working with producer Ben Schigel (Chimaira, ZAO) the group is recording twelve new songs at his studio in Cleveland. Speaking on the new material Ryan Morgan (guitars) says "It is our heaviest material but more atmospheric than our first album. There is more of a focus on heaviness as a vibe than the jumpiness of our old songs which shifted quite a bit." That first album, 2004's "Of Malice And The Magnum Heart" was heralded as a modern-day metalcore classic earning legions of fans and tours with such artists as The Dillinger Escape Plan, ZAO, Bleeding Through, Strapping Young Lad and more. Also quick to notice the band's talent was the press who showered praises like Outburn who said "Like the water this metallic monstrosity comes washing over you out of nowhere and cements itself to your bones" and Alternative Press, who stated "Tech minded metalcore veterans overcome death, distance and depression to deliver an album that cuts through the careerist BS that's sweeping hardcore and aims straight for the human spirit."


5/5/2006 9:23:44 PM

5/5/2006 9:39:17 PM
if they get anymore atmospheric i'd be crusing through deep space nine.

5/5/2006 9:43:22 PM
nice. looking forward to it

5/5/2006 10:01:04 PM
Great Band

5/5/2006 10:09:42 PM
Fifth post. I hope to hear more Sinatra influence on this one

5/5/2006 10:58:34 PM
gay band, shoulda ended it at 7a7p

5/5/2006 11:50:32 PM
I'm soo anxious.

5/6/2006 12:43:50 AM

5/6/2006 1:23:44 AM
*posts before penguinsrock or JaredsUrBud*

5/6/2006 2:02:16 AM
incarnation of wackness

5/6/2006 2:06:37 AM
"Its our heaviest material...." maybe if every fcking band didnt say that id buy it *watches baker 3g*

5/6/2006 2:17:47 AM
fck that ,,,basic guitar work

5/6/2006 2:31:13 AM
Been waiting for this, good d00ds good t00nz.

5/6/2006 2:33:44 AM
favorite band, I'm anticipating this like nothing else.

5/6/2006 2:52:19 AM
should be good. of malice and the magnum the heart was a solid fcking album. i have high hopes.

5/6/2006 2:54:58 AM
pretty stoked for this. can't wait.

5/6/2006 3:52:58 AM
Best metalcore band currently active, will probably be amazing.

5/6/2006 3:53:01 AM
Yes, will be looking forward to this. The atmosphere aspects were amazing on Magnum...

5/6/2006 4:08:39 AM
their ep was far better than malice

5/6/2006 5:18:05 AM
Malice IS a classic in my eyes. Im intrested in seeing what Karl brings to table for this album. I'm sure his voice will suit the heavier style though. I'm very much looking forward to the new album

5/6/2006 9:18:43 AM
This is gonna be good

5/6/2006 10:41:55 AM
"atmosphere effects" ... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

5/6/2006 3:39:47 PM
ew @ new singer... but ew @ old cheesy lyrics.

5/6/2006 3:59:03 PM
cant wait. still havent heard the new singer

5/6/2006 4:10:31 PM
who cares.

5/6/2006 4:13:31 PM
26th post. Shit Band. Shit Venue. Shit Label. Shit Post. Shit Tour. No Care Ever.

5/6/2006 4:14:22 PM
27th post. Shit Band. Shit Venue. Shit Label. Shit Post. Shit Tour. No Care Ever.

5/6/2006 4:14:48 PM
30th post. Shit Band. Shit Venue. Shit Label. Shit Post. Shit Tour. No Care Ever.

5/6/2006 4:15:11 PM
69th post. Shit Band. Shit Venue. Shit Label. Shit Post. Shit Tour. No Care Ever.

5/6/2006 5:26:40 PM
bring back 7a7p fck this band and canada eh

5/7/2006 1:42:37 AM
jamesjoseph78 5/6/2006 5:26:40 PM bring back 7a7p

5/7/2006 4:58:14 PM
this shit is going to be bad ass

5/8/2006 8:28:52 AM
They played a new song at a recent show I attended. I liked it Furiously! All Care Evar. I agree, best metalcore band going right now.

5/8/2006 9:10:56 AM
Their first album was great, hopefully they pull thru with this release, ill have to check out the single when it is available

5/8/2006 11:01:59 AM
I heard these guys are doin' a rap side project with Danger Mouse.

5/8/2006 1:23:17 PM
the singer of sw1tched is producing this. great.

5/8/2006 2:41:50 PM
i liked this band for a while, but out grew it after a few months. hopefully it comes out well for them.

5/9/2006 7:36:04 PM
more views = more gays caring