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The Black Dahlia Murder confirms new members

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 8:57 PM PT

Official press release (Metal Blade Records):

We are pleased to make known the two latest additions to The Black Dahlia Murder. Drummer Pierre Langois and bassist Bart Williams are now officially part of the death metal machine known as The Black Dahlia Murder. After both musicians toured with the band on their co-headlining run with Throwdown and their European dates with Liar they decided these were the guys they wanted to join to their group fulltime.

Here's what guitarist Brian Eschbach had to say: "We are very proud to announce the additions of Bart and Pierre to the BDM fold. We have already completed two tours together and feel that there are many more to come."


4/26/2006 9:01:16 PM
gay shit

4/26/2006 9:03:14 PM

4/26/2006 9:24:19 PM
this band is full of jerks

4/26/2006 9:28:58 PM
black gay sex. this band sucks.

4/26/2006 9:39:19 PM
fck you guys, I like them..pretty good live

4/26/2006 10:08:39 PM
This band sucks and they are dcks

4/26/2006 10:12:08 PM
bdm is death metal? lol!

4/26/2006 10:39:16 PM
i like their music and they were a fun live show, but these guys are a bunch of stupid jerks, I'M CEREAL

4/26/2006 10:45:03 PM
if they are not melodic death metal, then please tell me what genre they fall under? metalcore? heard that before...yeah, they totally sound like unearth and bleeding through

4/26/2006 10:56:10 PM
good band

4/26/2006 11:16:35 PM
Too many line up changes, break up.

4/26/2006 11:16:36 PM
Good band. I don't know what all of you gay shits have against them. Oh wait, they're not Isis or something equally as artsy and obscure; it must not be good.

4/27/2006 12:14:41 AM
this band is not NEARLY as horrible as most people chalk them up to be.. there are far worse metalcore bands jocked regularly on this site. that being said, i find their music to be pretty bland.. it just all sounds the same. :/

4/27/2006 12:19:33 AM
what does bother me, though, is that the new drummer is fcking incredible and won't use 1/10th of his talent in BDM, and should be playing with someone like hate eternal instead. this is him: http://media.putfile.com/Drum-live

4/27/2006 12:20:12 AM
fck all of you, this band rules. i hope the new drummer is as good as the one who was on the miasma cd.

4/27/2006 12:23:46 AM
i wonder how much i could get for the first release of A Cold Blooded Epitaph hahaha

4/27/2006 12:57:47 AM
most likely not alot

4/27/2006 1:01:16 AM
All you gay 1-uppers on here can sck a dck

4/27/2006 1:02:49 AM
brian is a douchebag

4/27/2006 4:22:19 AM
the new drummer totally kills - even better than the old drummer. wasted on this band.

4/27/2006 4:34:58 AM
all i read is" blah blahb lbha ga gay gaygay "

4/27/2006 4:59:46 AM
"death metal machine" haha. gays. *at the gates beat*

4/27/2006 7:54:32 AM
Holy shit I think I just agreed with severed. Never thought I would see the day.

4/27/2006 8:49:31 AM
wait, why did they get a drummer? didnt they say the wanted a drum machine that will play what they tell them to?

4/27/2006 8:54:57 AM
bart is a sweet dude. i'm happy for him.

4/27/2006 9:04:07 AM
BDM is so badass, their riffs and lyrics are insane, probably my favorite band of all time, they will never let me down with their material.

4/27/2006 12:09:21 PM
new jacks ON A MISSION

4/27/2006 12:24:45 PM
you fckers are all ignorant jerks. these guys shred and are damn good at what they do.

4/27/2006 12:28:57 PM
ive heard bdm are douches

4/27/2006 12:58:39 PM
BDM is rad but the miasma drummer is bland compared to the tasteful/explosive blasting of the unhallowed drummer.

4/27/2006 1:44:47 PM
im blow away that they can keep everything up with so many lineup changes. i like them.

4/27/2006 2:31:24 PM
yea dont get me wrong i like the band but ive heard their line up changes are due to how people get along with the band. im not quoting anyone or anything just saying what ive heard

4/27/2006 4:35:39 PM
at the gates and carcass want their riffs back

4/27/2006 5:32:09 PM
fcking awesome live...though I hear that they are real jerks. As for that new drummer, god damn he's good.

4/27/2006 8:54:28 PM
hahaha that comment at the end is so cliche and stereotypical. I know these dudes are probably going to leave soon as well.

4/28/2006 8:53:20 AM
they were never jerks to me..not once...they were actually the coolest buncha dudes i ever met but maybe their sucess went to their head? there's alotta comments about them being dcks and i don't get it.

4/28/2006 12:58:38 PM

5/1/2006 1:33:07 PM
i'm a dck, suck me off

5/1/2006 6:39:24 PM
jesus::are there any original members left in this band?

5/2/2006 11:54:12 AM
how do people get off calling this band metalcore? just cause they tour with all those shitty bands doesn't make them metalcore. the new members sound amazing. fck the haters.