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As I Lay Dying win San Diego Music Award

Friday, September 16, 2005 8:54 AM PT

As I Lay Dying were voted Artist Of The Year for the Fifteenth Annual San Diego Music Awards this week. Other nominees in the category were Kark Denson's Tiny Universe, Louis XIV, Nickel Creek, Switchfoot, and Unwritten Law. AILD vocalist Tim Lambesis and drummer Jordan Mancino were in attentance to accept the award. Here's what Lambesis had to say:

"This award was truly a surprise! It would be one thing if the judges in some musical academy chose us, but this award means so much because it comes from our fans. We were up against some great bands including three major label favorites that we all respect. The people of San Diego have given us moresupport than we could ever ask for and we can't thank you enough!"


9/16/2005 9:04:49 AM
first post....gay award...

9/16/2005 9:17:51 AM
hahaha too funny

9/16/2005 9:18:01 AM
karl denson blows them away

9/16/2005 9:42:35 AM
wow, that's some stiff compettition they were up against.

9/16/2005 9:54:49 AM
switchfoot got robbed, man.

9/16/2005 11:31:58 AM
Why did Unbroken never win this?

9/16/2005 11:41:06 AM
you all liked them 3 years ago so shut up

9/16/2005 12:38:08 PM
Nickel Creek could play circles around as i lay dying. lame. Atleast switchfoot and unwritten law didn't win. on the other hand, who has even heard of this award?

9/16/2005 12:56:28 PM
if that acceptance speech couldve been anymore cliche

9/16/2005 1:18:25 PM
The Judges were the 13 apostles

9/16/2005 2:16:39 PM
13 apostles? are you counting rufus?

9/16/2005 3:50:41 PM
I agree with panzram... why didn't Unbroken ever win this?

9/16/2005 6:26:40 PM
so umm... no one cares. no like ever.

9/16/2005 7:14:21 PM
their new cd slays, you guys are all queers.

9/17/2005 1:19:02 AM
is this a christ rock award or something? as i gay gaying is gay

9/17/2005 3:40:29 AM
The moral of the story is: San Diego needs better bands.

9/17/2005 3:10:25 PM
I have to agree, the new record is awesome.

9/18/2005 3:35:02 PM
Interesting a band makes a 2 Album long song and they win an award. That's cute.

9/19/2005 1:47:14 AM
this is what you get for supporting hardcore gays

9/19/2005 11:04:04 AM
they're ok. first 2 albums were decent, latest was meh.

9/20/2005 7:46:32 PM
Well deserved. The only reason anyone hates on these guys is 'cause of their mainstream attention they have been recieving. Deep down, we all know they are pretty incredible musicians. Period.