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Century sign w/ Tribunal Records

Thursday, August 18, 2005 8:58 PM PT

Pennsylvania's Century (a band we've been hyping for months) have now signed with Tribunal Records. Formed by ex-ArmsBendBack guitarist Carson Slovak, the group self-released an EP earlier this year. Century's debut full-length will be available in February 2006. You can listen to an MP3 from their EP here.


8/18/2005 9:01:57 PM

8/18/2005 9:02:12 PM
first ............................

8/18/2005 9:22:36 PM
These guys are so bad ass... cannnot wait.

8/18/2005 9:27:33 PM
fck yeah i've been waiting for this

8/18/2005 9:33:25 PM
century is awesome.

8/18/2005 9:47:28 PM

8/19/2005 2:23:36 AM
yeah whatever

8/19/2005 2:56:43 PM
great label. great band. stoked.

8/20/2005 1:49:34 AM
yay, i haven't heard much from one of my favorite labels lately. good pickup.

9/4/2005 5:52:28 PM
hell yea, tribunals got a lot of good shit coming out. new swift, kwd, i also like that new band they have, the demonstration. and you have to admit that you gotta respect line of fire.