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Opeth sign w/ Roadrunner Records

Friday, May 20, 2005 9:07 PM PT

As rumored, Sweden's Opeth have signed with Roadrunner Records, reports MTV.com. The group entered the studio roughly two months ago to begin recording their eight album, which they are self-producing. The band expects to finish recording at the end of this month, and the effort should hit stores in late-August. Opeth frontman Mikael Akerfeldt told MTV the following regarding the new album:

"Musically, Damnation [the band's last album] was an experiment for us. It also helped us to develop our sound. So this time around, you can say the overall record is going to be heavy-sounding. There's also a couple of songs that are more in the style of Damnation, so to speak. We also have a new member in the band, our keyboard player, Per Wiberg. So we have some vintage keyboards this time around on the heavy material as well. Overall, this one is heavy."


5/20/2005 9:13:03 PM
first comment fck this shit band

5/20/2005 9:13:17 PM

5/20/2005 9:14:07 PM
let me be the 1st to say HOLY SHIT LOL HASHAHAHAhAHHAHAhAhAhAHha. but wtf. seriously? this.is.bullshit. fck this band in the ass if this is true etc etc...

5/20/2005 9:16:48 PM
they are not shit. but fck them in the ass forever if this is tr00

5/20/2005 9:32:23 PM

5/20/2005 9:35:04 PM
It's a bit unsettling ythat he kept reassuring us that it will be heavy, but I'm confident they will give us another brilliant album. If they don't, I'll probably quit music.

5/20/2005 10:02:46 PM
Garbage label, garbage band. Perfect pair.

5/20/2005 10:18:18 PM
oh fcking well

5/20/2005 11:37:50 PM
I don't know how I feel about having "Roadrunner" on my Opeth cd.

5/21/2005 12:39:06 AM
my favorite band sighns to such a shit label. Damnit. If they let me down I give up hope. I'd rather them make a shitty album on candlelight, rather than roadrunner

5/21/2005 12:41:22 AM
still > any band you listen to

5/21/2005 12:45:32 AM
roadrunner is not very necro or grim

5/21/2005 12:51:59 AM
This band is so fcking overrated.

5/21/2005 1:45:55 AM
"vintage keyboards" on "heavy material" huh? geez, don't get too original on us!

5/21/2005 2:12:20 AM
Opeth fcking rocks. Roadrunner does not. I guess they finally decided that playing kick ass depression-core wasn't going to get them rich.

5/21/2005 2:22:14 AM
OPETH is a brilliant band. fck all of you idiots with attention spans the size of a throwdown breakdown. you are pathetic.

5/21/2005 2:22:23 AM
and who cares what fcking label they are on? Opeth is a huge band and one of the biggest selling in europe, what difference does it make if they are finally on a label that will distribute them well?

5/21/2005 3:12:12 AM
pure fcking gayry, way to sell out

5/21/2005 4:38:27 AM
haha. this band is fcked.

5/21/2005 5:30:57 AM
sllloooowwwpeth on trendraper records

5/21/2005 7:15:41 AM
no care no never.

5/21/2005 8:28:29 AM
as long as it's good, i don't care.

5/21/2005 9:22:53 AM
All of you who now "hate" Opeth because of them being signed to Roadrunner are fcking gays. Just because they signed to roadrunner doesn't mean they're not still Opeth. Some fcking loyalty.

5/21/2005 11:39:29 AM
is there even one good band on RR right now?

5/21/2005 12:51:46 PM
all of you fcking idiots jock Madball and Vision of Disorder and Earth Crisis- all of which released albums on Roadrunner... but give shit to this band. Awesome.

5/21/2005 1:17:33 PM
lambgoat is now getting their news from mtv.com? nice.

5/21/2005 2:51:36 PM
opeth is awesome, cant wait to hear this.

5/21/2005 6:08:11 PM
you gays n00bz bring the gay

5/21/2005 6:40:11 PM
Ugh. Keyboards. fcking christ.

5/21/2005 7:11:15 PM
Cynic was on Roadrunner.

5/21/2005 10:21:48 PM
"kick ass depression-core"....that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

5/21/2005 10:25:32 PM
now roadrunner is going to turn Opeth into another Atreyu clone.

5/22/2005 7:59:56 AM
JohnnyJohnny got it right. You are all posers if lables make that much of a difference in your decision whether to like or dislike a band.

5/22/2005 1:48:08 PM
Opeth has been flawless thus far, and Roadrunner has ben full of nothing but flaws for that past 5 years. OPETH PLEASE DON'T GO SUCK

5/22/2005 8:13:05 PM

5/22/2005 9:11:05 PM
Always hated that band. Always will.

5/22/2005 10:26:05 PM
OPETH f*king rule, I hate you Terror lovin, throwdown punchin pansy assed fashion kids...f*k yall!! Opeth will Rule REGARDLESS of petty labels...

5/23/2005 10:06:47 AM
roadrunner? oh no! now they are labelmates with no talent mothercanuckers nickelback.

5/23/2005 1:07:43 PM
Opeth is sweet. Roadrunner, Sony, virgin, whatever. Their next record will be nothing short of amazing.

5/23/2005 3:18:15 PM
Let's see what happens. Opeth has been Elvis approved thus far.