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Daughters sign w/ Hydra Head Records

Friday, May 06, 2005 2:01 PM PT

As you may have heard, Daughters have indeed signed with Hydra Head Records. The label will release the band's new full-length, which they're currently writing. Spawned from the ashes of As The Sun Sets, the Rhode Island band has previously released material with Robotic Empire and City Of Hell Records.


5/6/2005 2:06:30 PM
1st post

5/6/2005 2:06:46 PM
pretty gay news too BTWOMGLOLL

5/6/2005 2:12:01 PM
and so begins the complete and total gayification of Hydra Head.

5/6/2005 2:13:31 PM
i do not approve of this signing.

5/6/2005 2:15:48 PM
I absolutely love how angry this will make Hydra Head fans.

5/6/2005 2:20:40 PM
wha wha whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

5/6/2005 2:27:38 PM
hydra head needs more money. why don't they sign good bands. i do like daughters though. ps:this is what part of the alphebet would look like if q and r were deleted

5/6/2005 2:32:37 PM
this is odd. wtf?

5/6/2005 2:37:22 PM
more importantly hydrahead announced they are releasing a record from Logh.

5/6/2005 2:39:11 PM
Bravo.. hope this pisses off everyone here.

5/6/2005 2:46:10 PM
Decent band. Good label.

5/6/2005 2:58:22 PM

5/6/2005 3:14:07 PM
Sick! Daughters is so sassy.

5/6/2005 3:18:44 PM
I am scared of what this means for the rest of us. WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!!??!?!?

5/6/2005 3:21:15 PM
why is this such a surprise to everyone? Hydra Head is obviously interested in progressive metal bands, those whom are breaking the mold. Daughters fits quite well in that category, along with Botch, Mare, Pelican, Jesu, etc.

5/6/2005 3:26:59 PM
logh news >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> daughters news

5/6/2005 3:35:09 PM
Daughters is just way past noisecore all the way to being songs written with the sole purpose of being unlistenable.

5/6/2005 3:35:16 PM
"more importantly hydrahead announced they are releasing a record from Logh." no way! okay, that's a surprise. they did release 27, but Logh?

5/6/2005 3:38:31 PM
yep, posted on Indieworkshop.com, logh on hydrahead

5/6/2005 3:58:26 PM
daughters SUCK

5/6/2005 4:03:56 PM
Yes...if you count breaking the mold and then re-shaping it into a turd of unlistenable noise.

5/6/2005 4:16:41 PM
this basically means the record release date will be pushed about 3 times. These guys take forever to get shit put out

5/6/2005 4:40:12 PM
Drewcifer pretty much hit the nail on the head.

5/6/2005 4:43:17 PM
i like this band- they are far from unlistenable.... why do you all hate---WHY! WHHHHHHHYYYY

5/6/2005 5:08:12 PM
as the sun sets was wayyyy better

5/6/2005 5:18:55 PM
Q: What band sucks? A: The Daughters

5/6/2005 5:23:49 PM
progressive metal, hahahahaha, what the fck are you talking about. oh yeah THEY fckING SUCK RHINO c-ck.

5/6/2005 6:10:14 PM
as the sun sets > daughters, by a long shot. decent band though

5/6/2005 6:14:35 PM
I'd buy this CD just to throw it in the garbage where it belongs.

5/6/2005 6:22:49 PM
blah.. don't like this band. i think they would have fit better on trustkill or something

5/6/2005 6:42:01 PM
i like daughters. so good for them. fck you crybabies.

5/6/2005 6:58:15 PM
Haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love, I don't even want none of the above, I want to piss on you, yes I do, I'll piss on you, I'll piss on you,Said your body, your body,q Is a porta-potty

5/6/2005 7:07:24 PM
I think Robotic Empire better suited them, but what do I know.

5/6/2005 7:40:36 PM
best label ever. hopefully their next release wont be as short as canada songs.

5/6/2005 7:41:43 PM
i love how this pisses off the brainless gay mongrels on here

5/6/2005 7:51:21 PM
they sign to hydra head but they still have no cred.

5/6/2005 7:54:44 PM
ive said this before, like daughters. signing to hydra head is a surprise but it kinda makes it a little bit more okay for me to like them openly now *bes credible*

5/6/2005 8:14:42 PM
"Decent band. Good label."

5/6/2005 8:17:51 PM
i dont hate daughters entirely... but what the fck hydra head?

5/6/2005 8:44:24 PM
canada songs

5/6/2005 9:59:58 PM

5/7/2005 1:22:42 AM
this band still chugs nuts.

5/7/2005 2:03:28 AM
hahah hydrahead continues to go down the shitter

5/7/2005 2:20:40 AM
who fcking cares

5/7/2005 11:30:03 AM
dun dun dun dun dund und whaaa whaaa whaaa widdly widdly widdly widdly beep beep beep beep chug chug chug chug beep beep chug...chug...chug...chug...widdily widdily widdily widdly dun dun dun - Every Daughters Song

5/7/2005 12:59:39 PM
Daughters sucks very hard. As The Sun Sets was their only good project.

5/7/2005 1:47:12 PM
how yall think i feel i live in rhode island with these ass bags,they totally f*kn suck ballz,they are snoby f*kn spoiled rich f*ks who arent even from r.i.,they all use to were korn t-shirts ask them about cast off skin???

5/7/2005 1:48:06 PM
they are the bigest f*k posers in the scene today along with all the other fasion gays...f*kk yall i hope ya hang yourselves with your white belts.

5/7/2005 10:36:31 PM
it must be nice to only have to write ten minutes worth a music every 5 years

5/8/2005 1:30:38 PM
i don't mind this i guess. either way i'll still have respect for the label and band.

5/9/2005 12:00:02 PM
No one Cares --very one outside of allston

5/9/2005 5:39:39 PM
now now nancy boys dont drown in your own tears or better yet dont get your a life once lost t-shirts wet. christ, i can feel my skin getting moist from all of your bitch tears. shut up.

5/9/2005 5:56:07 PM
everyone needs to shut the fck up. good band, good label, just stop fcking whining.

5/9/2005 10:32:45 PM

5/9/2005 11:17:03 PM
s/t 7 inch = :-) "Canada Songs" = :-/ Anything post-"Canada Songs = :-( Daughters are just borning now.

5/10/2005 9:51:15 AM
everyone liked numetal at one point. including you. they're successful. you're not. cry cry cry bitch bitch bitch die die die

5/12/2005 12:00:54 AM
stick to Daughters gays.

5/15/2005 11:04:49 AM
The lead singer is obviously the hottest Daughter in the family with his 7 foot hair and indecipherable tattoos that he probably drew in kindergarten before hanging on his fridge for 20 years.

10/18/2005 1:18:45 AM
Grow up pansies, who gives a fck if they're signed to hydra head - and they aren't posers they just hate all you tough guy fckers