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Unearth set to shoot new video

Thursday, April 21, 2005 8:58 PM PT

This Saturday Unearth will be shooting a video for the song "Endless," from their last album. Filming will take place at The Showcase in Corona, CA, with direction by Jerry Clubb (Six Feet Under) of Mental Suplex Productions.


4/21/2005 9:09:59 PM
lolz first post. favorite band.

4/21/2005 9:12:49 PM
ENDLESS FIGHT! dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun

4/21/2005 9:36:30 PM
hopefully it'll be better than their last one. I think it couldve been done a little bit better.

4/21/2005 10:17:18 PM
thats a good song

4/21/2005 10:39:25 PM
bes boring as fck -unearth

4/21/2005 10:58:04 PM
^ i agree 150%

4/21/2005 11:29:36 PM
I like Unearth a lot. I HATE music videos.

4/22/2005 1:37:24 AM
drewcifer set to not care

4/22/2005 2:07:17 AM
unearth is awesome... looking forward to seeing how they do this video up.

4/22/2005 6:02:23 AM
Another headbanger's ball classic eh? fck MTV2

4/22/2005 7:54:19 AM
what a shittttttttttttttttttttttttty video this will be

4/22/2005 9:36:05 AM
This song is Cave IN as hell

4/22/2005 10:08:32 AM
this band is the next elton john. GAY.

4/22/2005 11:21:21 AM
videos are so stupid...did anyone see the comeback kid one, its fcking queer...but unearth is an awesome band and so is comeback kid...fck videos.

4/22/2005 12:30:42 PM
hopefully they'll record the raw version from the e.p. does anyone think this new drummer is way too perfect for unearth. the old drummer was bigger and less technical. it worked better. i hate their new shit solely because of the drummer.

4/22/2005 12:54:46 PM
agree 10/10 with all who say video=steamy pile-0-pigshit. only purpose served is mtv2 kids with tighty 501's have more to windmill to. unearth has great rifs, too bad they get lumped in with trash. make me ill *keyboard fills with vomit*

4/22/2005 5:55:50 PM
Here's my best impersonation of Unearth's music: BREAKDOWN. BREAKDOWN. BREAKDOWN. BREAKDOWN.

4/22/2005 6:08:59 PM
so whats wrong with that music, breakdowns dont make music bad, bad music makes music bad...and they have more than just breakdowns..:)

4/22/2005 7:50:20 PM
^^^ your talking out of your ass gay.

4/23/2005 11:15:28 AM
that album disapoitned. I still love them, but they shouldnt have released such a generic albun after dropping something as good as Stings of Consceience. Thats why a lot of people compare them to bands like As I lay dying.

4/25/2005 4:11:38 PM
If unearth is your favorite band you need to kill yourself immediately.

4/27/2005 5:10:25 PM
i heard it went out of control