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Bleeding Kansas tour schedule

Wednesday, April 20, 2005 6:49 PM PT

In addition to recording a new album with Kurt Ballou this summer, Bleeding Kansas will be touring North America extensively. If you can help with any of the open dates, send an email here. The schedule is as follows:

dates w/ Lords
6/2 Ventura CA @ The Loft
6/7 Burbank CA @ Daniel's Garage
6/8 Los Angeles CA @ The Smell
6/9 Phoenix AZ @ The Phix w/ Blues For The Martyrs
6/10 Tucson AZ @ The Boardwalk Cafe w/ Blues For The Martyrs
6/11 Clovis NM @ The Hole w/ Blues For The Martyrs
6/12 Colorado Springs CO

6/13 Wichita KS
6/14 Tulsa OK
6/15 Dallas TX w/ The Kidnap Soundtrack
6/16 Austin TX w/ The Kidnap Soundtrack

dates w/ Graf Orlock
6/17 Houston TX @ Fitxgeralds w/ The Kidnap Soundtrack
6/18 Baton Rouge LA
6/19 Hattiesburg MS
6/20 Memphis TN
6/21 Clarksville TN @ Chad's Wonderment Palace

6/22 Birmingham AL
6/23 Alanta GA w/ The Power And The Glory
6/24 Tallahassee FL w/ The Power And The Glory
6/25 Tampa FL w/ The Power And The Glory
6/26 Miami FL
6/27 Orlando FL
6/28 St. Augustine FL (early show) / Jacksonville FL (late show)
6/29 Savannah GA @ The Jinx
6/30 Columbia SC

dates w/ The Power And The Glory
7/1 Charlotte NC w/ Control
7/2 Richmond VA w/ Control
7/3 Harrisonburg VA w/ Control
7/4 Washington DC
7/5 Baltimore MD
7/6 Newark DE
7/7 Philadelphia PA
7/8 New Brunswick NJ w/ Hot Cross
7/9 New York NY @ ABC No Rio w/ Hot Cross

7/21 Howell NJ @ The Lakeside Lounge
7/24 Palmer MA @ The Shed
7/25 Syracuse NY
7/26 Quebec QC, Canada
7/27 Montreal QC, Canada
7/28 Ottawa ON, Canada
7/29 Toronto Canada
7/30 Detroit MI
7/31 Cleveland OH

dates w/ Camp Climax For Girls
8/1 Columbus OH
8/2 Indianapolis IN
8/3 Louisville KY
8/4 St. Louis MO

8/5 Chicago IL
8/7 Madison WI @ The Owl Sanctuary
8/8 Minneapolis MN
8/9 Sioux Falls SD
8/10 Omaha NE @ The Fort House
8/11 Denver CO
8/12 Salt Lake City UT
8/13 Boise ID @ Yosada
8/14 Seattle WA

dates w/ Malady, Coaxial
8/15 Vancouver BC, Canada
8/16 Olympia WA
8/17 Portland OR
8/18 Eugene OR
8/19 Sacramento CA
8/20 San Francisco CA
8/21 Ventura CA @ The Loft w/ Tobias
8/22 Anaheim CA w/ Tobias


4/20/2005 6:51:41 PM

4/20/2005 6:52:09 PM
HAHHAAH YESSS IVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT....who the fck is bleeding kansas?

4/20/2005 6:53:48 PM
will be at 7/31

4/20/2005 8:23:52 PM
Wow. Touring machines!

4/20/2005 8:26:12 PM
Good fcking band. Good guys.

4/20/2005 8:33:34 PM
kick ass. a good band finally comes to dallas

4/20/2005 8:52:40 PM
i appreciate them for their appreciation for history

4/20/2005 9:03:24 PM
philly!!!!! will be there

4/20/2005 9:16:18 PM
Hahaha, yes, good to see they're getting out of Cali (I mean that in a good way). Those of you who are in the area for the dates with Graf Orlock should definitely not miss out. www.graforlock.com

4/20/2005 9:35:28 PM
haha. clovis, nm. what a shitty town. my old band played there on tour, unfortunately.

4/20/2005 11:06:56 PM
thats an insane tour.

4/21/2005 12:49:34 AM
Yes they're coming to SLC!!!!!! So exited

4/21/2005 1:46:22 AM
where the hell is palmer

4/21/2005 2:00:47 AM
Dave has silky hands. He can massage like a machine!!!

4/21/2005 2:11:25 AM
NYC show @ ABC No Rio is not confirmed. They never got back to us to work out the details of the show and I don't even know if the date is still open anymore...

4/21/2005 10:03:05 AM
Bad ass band, 6-13!!!

4/21/2005 11:42:50 AM
graf orlock is ok. bleeding kansas is lame though

4/21/2005 1:11:04 PM
bleeding kansas = pure sex!

4/21/2005 8:53:06 PM
It makes no sense that they're playing shows with Malady or Hot Cross.

4/22/2005 11:24:20 AM
bleeding kansas is awesome, will be there

4/22/2005 4:41:46 PM
i definitley dig this band. they make smart music....and easy to digest. looking forward to seeing them w/malady.

4/22/2005 7:29:50 PM
damn you control.. damn you.. turn your amps down!