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Manntis sign w/ Century Media Records

Friday, April 1, 2005 11:04 PM PT

Southern California's Manntis have officially signed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records. Originally formed in 2000, the group gained notoriety last year for participating in MTV's "Battle For Ozzfest." Here's a statement from vocalist Jake Sirokman regarding the deal:

"We're extremely happy to be with Century Media Records. We love the other bands on the roster and are proud to be alongside them for years to come. One thing is for sure: some people may have heard about us because of the 'Battle for Ozzfest' show, but we're a dedicated band with over five years in the scene, not just some reality show poseurs looking to extend our 15 minutes of fame. No doubt that ‘Battle for Ozzfest’ was a great opportunity, but we're grateful that CM saw through smoke and mirrors of TV and saw us for the band we are. Bottom line, we're here to bring the fucking metal. See ya on the road."

The band's debut album, "Sleep In Your Grave," was produced by Cameron Webb (Danzig, Motorhead) and will hit stores on June 28th.


4/1/2005 11:06:19 PM
anyone have the figure of merit cd?

4/1/2005 11:06:33 PM

4/1/2005 11:06:45 PM
god damn it

4/1/2005 11:08:57 PM
the OTHER band on that ozzfest show *woohoos*

4/1/2005 11:11:20 PM
Manntis doesnt even deserve to sign on century media. fck this shit

4/1/2005 11:46:04 PM
I have the manntis cd...with the old singer on it....because there were actually 2 singers....before the show....bet you didn't know that..anyways....i know where the recordings are.....

4/1/2005 11:47:03 PM
Good for them, they aren't bad.

4/2/2005 12:08:48 AM
"I have the manntis cd...with the old singer on it....because there were actually 2 singers....before the show....bet you didn't know that..anyways....i know where the recordings are....." bet nobody cares either

4/2/2005 12:26:14 AM
i like this band. very metal...dont depend on breakdowns throughout their songs. good for them.

4/2/2005 2:14:35 AM

4/2/2005 2:26:45 AM

4/2/2005 7:20:25 AM
Hahah. The dude's statement is far and away the best part of this news.

4/2/2005 8:54:33 AM
http://mp4.centurymedia.com/audio/AxeOfRedemption.mp3 eh...

4/2/2005 9:56:30 AM
thats a better deal then the winner got, isnt it?

4/2/2005 10:37:03 AM
i never saw the show, and i've never heard this band, but they probably aren't very good.

4/2/2005 11:26:42 AM
Last time I checked, Century Media was a shitty label anyway. This signing just helps put the nail in the coffin.

4/2/2005 12:33:19 PM
So that show pretty much served as an American Idol for metal gays. Awesome you dont have to tour anymore or learn work ethic to get signed..just win a battle of the bands..weak.

4/2/2005 12:55:45 PM
^ ^ ^ agreed. the only reason century media looked at them was because they were on that show, I'm sure that cynder shit will get signed to trustkill or roadrunner soon.

4/2/2005 1:14:09 PM
going on that show=no integrity at all. how so? cause you arent willing to pay your dues, youd rather win a talent show. i dont care how long youve been around. you went on reality television to get signed.

4/2/2005 2:27:16 PM
gahahhhahahaha this bannd is nnot good.

4/2/2005 4:50:24 PM
i know one of the guys and he's pretty cooll. they all live down the street from me, definately don't deserve Century Media though. they're a bunch of bros. shitty.

4/2/2005 7:26:17 PM
wow, fck this. i just lost what little respect i had for CM

4/2/2005 8:33:35 PM
this band fcking sucks.

4/3/2005 12:23:43 PM
Hahaha, oh gay.

4/3/2005 1:23:00 PM
Bottom line, we're here the bring the fcking nu-metal***

4/4/2005 10:03:15 PM
its not that they are bad...its just that they arent too good either...but neither is a dozen furies, or any band that was on that show...but whatever.