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Kayo Dot join Robotic Empire roster

Thursday, March 31, 2005 2:17 PM PT

Kayo Dot have officially signed on with Robotic Empire for the release of their second album. The Boston, MA group has previously released an album with John Zorn's Tzadik label. Here's what Robotic says about the band: "Kayo Dot is both difficult to call a metal band and difficult to not call a metal band, blending a wide array of haunting atmospheric elements with ultimately unreal and massive climaxes. Not quite in the soft-loud-soft way that many powerful bands operate (Godspeed, Mogwai, etc.) but more akin to classical compositions."

The band's yet-to-be titled album will be tracked at Zing Recording Studios (Unearth, Killswitch Engage) in August, with current plans for a fall release. In the interim, check out a track from their last album here.


3/31/2005 2:19:57 PM
first post

3/31/2005 2:32:13 PM
12740823409TH POST

3/31/2005 2:48:50 PM
no dice. . . . . .

3/31/2005 2:55:17 PM
on robotic, weird. i met the violinist on myspace a long time ago.

3/31/2005 3:06:19 PM
This band is complete and utter failure.

3/31/2005 3:36:33 PM
weird at a Tzadik band signing to Robotc Empire

3/31/2005 4:10:06 PM
Woah yeah, that's a pretty weird label change. I love this band.

3/31/2005 4:15:21 PM
This is awesome, I take lessons with the same guy who taught Greg...sweet, I have my lesson in 15 minutes

3/31/2005 5:12:24 PM
WORST BAND EVER. and robotic empire is slowly becoming the worst label ever.

3/31/2005 5:56:03 PM
any of you kids that talk shit need to learn what real music is

3/31/2005 6:05:09 PM
they mentioned mogwai. no dice.

4/1/2005 8:28:21 AM
One of the dudes, named Forbes, moshed naked at a Pg. 99 show. Funny stuff.

4/2/2005 11:44:19 AM
How can you call Kayo Dot garbage? Wow.

4/2/2005 1:38:22 PM
i've been a fan since maudlin of the well, and i know the guys real well, to the kid who says their the worse band ever, you should never post on anything that says music on it ever again and should promply kill yourself you ignorant piece of shit

4/2/2005 9:09:38 PM
band is fcking awesome!

4/4/2005 11:07:08 AM
ridiculous musicianship - can't wait for new material.

4/4/2005 6:48:01 PM
This band is better than 95% of the bands ever mentioned on this site.