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All Shall Perish, Into Eternity, etc. tour

Saturday, March 12, 2005 10:15 AM PT

Hate Eternal, Krisiun, Incantation, Into Eternity, and All Shall Perish will be touring together this summer. More dates will soon be announced, but here's the latest:

6/16 West Springfield VA @ JAXX
6/17 Poughkeepsie NY @ The Loft
6/18 Worcester MA @ The Palladium
6/19 Philadelphia PA @ The Trocadero
6/21 Quebec City QUE @ Kashmir
6/22 Montreal QUE @ Café Campus
6/23 Ottawa ONT @ Mavericks
6/24 Tornoto ONT @ El Mocambo
6/25 Rochester NY @ Penny Arcade
6/26 New York NY @ BB Kings Blues club
7/15 Tempe AZ @ The Clubhouse
7/16 Albuquerque NM @ Launch Pad


3/12/2005 10:23:31 AM
first post, I rule

3/12/2005 10:46:11 AM
^ gay. My band is playing one of these shows.

3/12/2005 10:52:52 AM
all shall perish and hate eternal will shred your faces off

3/12/2005 12:32:00 PM
this tour needs to come to houston

3/12/2005 1:26:54 PM
^ yea no shit. no one likes us here.

3/12/2005 2:29:01 PM
yeah headline the tour thread with the worst bands on the show, SWEET

3/12/2005 4:57:49 PM
this tour brings the metal

3/12/2005 7:13:34 PM
we will come to houston! we always get stuck going there that place is humid as fck! hahaha

3/13/2005 4:59:22 AM
this better come to ohio

3/13/2005 5:53:27 AM
More like Hate Eternal, Incantation ect. tour. All shall perish sucks.

3/13/2005 2:33:52 PM
this should be full of ignorant metal heads. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

3/13/2005 5:58:40 PM
all shall perish are a thousand levels below any of the other bands on this tour. why have them mentioned above the other older, much better bands?

3/13/2005 7:43:36 PM
haha you're a joke

3/13/2005 8:04:36 PM
asp is 1,000s of levels below these bands? thats funny because they have a better stage presence than the other 4. good tour though....asp will run circles around the others though.

3/13/2005 8:18:31 PM
all shall perish are bland death metal with too many generic breakdowns. who cares about stage presence if you cant write good music.

3/13/2005 8:20:59 PM
hahaha, those bands dont even have breakdowns, hahaha. what a bunch of gays. mosh brah mosh woot - scene gay mosh brah

3/13/2005 8:35:11 PM
ignorant metal head!! they never give up!

3/13/2005 8:55:46 PM
i dont think converge writes good music but i go see them for their raw live show. i rather see bands onstage go nuts than do the "death metal hair twirl" or "the scary death metal singer creepy look with eyes that dont blink gimmick"

3/13/2005 8:56:20 PM
now with that said... i like all the bands touring and im not saying asp is musically better, theyre just physically better.

3/13/2005 8:57:25 PM
ignorant because i dont enjoy bands that dont have to heavily rely on e chug to make an interesting song. breakdowns are a good thing when theyre written into a song, not very gratifying when the song is written around the breakdown though

3/13/2005 8:58:08 PM
maybe you are the one that is ignorant. there was a time when bands didnt have to rely on gimmicks to gain fans. back then musicianship and song writing actually ment something.

3/13/2005 9:13:34 PM
oooh, will be there

3/14/2005 4:51:48 AM
ernesto smells like fcking dick

3/14/2005 10:24:10 AM
looks like i'm going to philly.

3/14/2005 7:30:13 PM
that time was years ago when everyone cared about getting fcked up at a show. the times have changed. boring metal will never come back.

3/14/2005 9:12:02 PM
weird. i thought it was the constant e chug parts were boring. i guess maybe good musicianship and songwriting would seem boring to someone with the mental capacities of a hamster with a.d.d.

3/14/2005 9:13:21 PM
by the way, just to ruin your misconception about me. i dont drink or do drugs.

3/14/2005 9:17:23 PM
that were*