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Terror, Remembering Never, etc. dates

Friday, February 18, 2005 4:35 PM PT

Terror, Remembering Never, The Acacia Strain, and The Warriors will be hooking up for a run of dates in April. Here's the latest:

4/14 Austin TX @ Emo's
4/15 Dallas TX @ The Door
4/17 Kansas City MO @ El Torreon
4/18 St. Louis MO @ Creepy Crawl
4/19 East Peoria IL @ East Peoria Legion Hall
4/22 Erie PA @ Foward Hall
4/24 New York NY @ CBGBs


2/18/2005 4:43:25 PM
heaviest tour of all time

2/18/2005 4:45:43 PM
This tour would be 10xxxxx times better without remembering never and the acadia strain

2/18/2005 4:50:01 PM
Remembering Never and The Acacia Strain make for hilarity!

2/18/2005 4:51:06 PM
the acacia strain is heavy as fck, good tour

2/18/2005 5:10:21 PM
this is a sweet tour minus RN

2/18/2005 5:12:55 PM
CBGBs is supposedly having a problem paying the rent

2/18/2005 5:33:37 PM
shit tour!

2/18/2005 6:08:38 PM
whos booking this tour?

2/18/2005 6:14:18 PM
terror is one of my favorite bands to see im so glad for 4/17

2/18/2005 6:22:17 PM
Terror makes Richard Simmons look tough.

2/18/2005 7:17:14 PM
all thses bands are freaking weak

2/18/2005 7:18:11 PM
sucks that remembering never has to sit through those shit bands for a week.

2/18/2005 7:25:16 PM
too bad terror is playing. terror is terrible. remembering never and the acacia strain are great stuff though so that should be good.

2/18/2005 7:38:27 PM
this tour would be infinitely better without any of these bands

2/18/2005 8:23:32 PM
Anyone that likes Remembering Never has no right whatsoever to call any other band bad.

2/18/2005 9:01:29 PM
the most shitty tour of all time

2/18/2005 11:10:27 PM

2/19/2005 12:56:56 AM
worst tour ever minus the warriors

2/19/2005 1:05:56 AM
should be called the "bust sum skullz tour"

2/19/2005 4:40:59 AM
what john g said

2/19/2005 8:25:25 AM
should say *brought to you by hot topic*

2/19/2005 10:11:53 AM
good tour minus terror, remembering never, and acacia strain...o wait

2/19/2005 2:48:35 PM
You gays never have anything good to say about any of the bands that are in the news.

2/20/2005 6:37:47 PM
I hate ::insert band here:: . ::insert tour here:: is the shittiest tour ever. ::something witty::

2/21/2005 8:43:52 AM
this shit better come to NC, fawk

2/21/2005 10:53:42 PM
the warriors are great....RN is fcking terrible, you idiots.

2/22/2005 1:22:20 PM
How about if Terror drops of this weak-ass tour, and Agnostic Front drops off their weak-ass tour...and then they can tour together. A win/win situation.

2/23/2005 12:58:45 AM
shitty locations and a shitty tour..