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Century Media to provide Marines w/ sampler

Thursday, January 27, 2005 10:48 AM PT

Century Media Records has announced details regarding the Marine Corps sampler, tentatively titled "Code Red," that they will be distributing this spring/summer. 20,000 copies will be handed out to U.S. troops leaving for active duty in the Middle East. According to Major Stephen A. Cox, Director of Community Relations for the United States Marine Corps, "Intensity of spirit is precisely what makes the Century Family sampler appealing to many Marines. The donation of samplers to the Marines and their families is patriotic and a generous gesture appreciated by Marines serving their country around the world." Here's the tracklisting for the sampler:

1. Shadows Fall - What Drives the Weak
2. Arch Enemy - We Will Rise
3. God Forbid – Soul Engraved
4. Dark Tranquillity – Lost To Apathy
5. Diecast – Medieval
6. Lacuna Coil – Swamped
7. Nevermore – Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday
8. Stampin' Ground – Pain Is Weakness (Leaving The Body)
9. Brand New Sin – Black & Blue
10. The Hellacopters – By The Grace Of God
11. The Bones – Do You Wanna...
12. Crash Kelly – She Gets Away
13. Swallow The Sun – Silence of the Womb


1/27/2005 10:49:52 AM
omg huge news fost pirst

1/27/2005 11:04:02 AM
they sure put a lot of shit on the sampler, poor marines

1/27/2005 11:11:52 AM
this is our secret weapon against the middle east? if i had to listen to half of this shit i would instantly become declare a jihad and blow myself up.

1/27/2005 11:26:33 AM

1/27/2005 11:33:33 AM
the comp should be called "music to kill babies to"

1/27/2005 11:47:25 AM
should've sent them some metallica so lars could complain again.

1/27/2005 11:56:27 AM
Maybe the Marines could use the CDs as armor.

1/27/2005 1:06:26 PM
Most samplers are given out for free anyway to give more exposure to the label's bands and thus increase sales. What a "generous" donation.

1/27/2005 1:28:36 PM

1/27/2005 4:41:08 PM
worst sampler ever.

1/27/2005 4:48:03 PM
if you thought the middle east sucked before; shit...watch the suicide rate of soldiers skyrocket.

1/27/2005 6:46:56 PM
the troops dont know any better.

1/27/2005 11:53:21 PM
poor hired killers... i mean soldiers

1/28/2005 1:16:18 AM
hell yeah, now the marines can listen to some g00d metal . . .

1/28/2005 11:38:32 AM
Arn't most marines just a bunch of hillbillies? I would think that a lot of them would hate these bands.

1/29/2005 12:23:08 AM
hey now, a lot of good dudes are in the marines, hon hon from into the moat for instance...I think this is a rad thing for century media to do

1/30/2005 9:21:14 PM
Good intent, bad music. And most samplers are sold for a buck or two.