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Century Media Records signs Agents Of Man

Wednesday, December 22, 2004 9:58 PM PT

Agents Of Man have signed with Century Media Records. Here's a statement from the band:

"We are Joining a family of great bands such as Shadows Fall, God Forbid, Diecast and many more. We are extremely confident in their abilities to market & promote our band and look forward to a prosperous future."

The group will be entering Brooklyn's Purple Light Studios (Candiria) in January to begin recording the album, which is titled "Count Your Blessings...". The record is tentatively slated for a May release.


12/22/2004 10:05:13 PM
I've heard these guys a couple of times I think. Who knows..

12/22/2004 10:22:03 PM
ok stoned or just confused (or both) because this isn't who i thought it was. almost numetal rapping choruses sections dear gawd have mercy. This band makes the new Diecast album look like it doesn't suck.

12/22/2004 11:06:52 PM
good band....

12/23/2004 1:09:55 AM

12/23/2004 12:07:32 PM
this band is awesome. Ex-Bulldoze but sounds more like train of thought. If you've never heard of those bands then go kill yourself..thanks...get stoked

12/24/2004 1:10:26 AM
Great band, a throwback. Not nu at all gays.

12/24/2004 9:18:03 AM
i saw them live, singer's a total wigger, which means that i can never respect the band, plus their music stinks

12/24/2004 11:29:40 AM
Their EP was awesome. Looking forward to the full length. Puda's got a great voice.

12/24/2004 4:09:22 PM
It's funny how someone with name deez nutz is talking about somone being a wigger.....Your just mad cuz you can't sing like Puda...

12/25/2004 11:35:48 AM
your favorite bands are The Used, AOM, and Shadows Fall. deez_nuts > your fcking life.

12/25/2004 7:19:05 PM
Jealousy, Envy and Cowardice breed HATERS..... I love it....

12/25/2004 9:09:26 PM
whatever momo thinks these guys are Nu metal or even rap core is a fckin idiot. These guys are best band I have come across in a long time. Congrats boys

12/27/2004 9:23:13 AM
I played a show with them in November. Good band and great guys. I wish them the best in the future.