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Seventh Star prepare to record new album

Wednesday, December 8, 2004 11:02 PM PT

Florida's Seventh Star will be entering Godcity studios with Kurt Ballou for three weeks in January and February to record a new full-length. Entitled "Brood Of Vipers," the effort will hit stores on May 10th through Facedown Records.


12/8/2004 11:24:38 PM
pirst fost for these throwdown reincarnates, make better noise please

12/8/2004 11:24:49 PM
first post...no care ever

12/8/2004 11:25:22 PM
bah...i was beaten

12/9/2004 12:19:59 AM
damnit, that sucks.

12/9/2004 8:47:07 AM
ugh, one of FD's worse bands

12/14/2004 1:00:38 AM
i likey, so yeah

12/14/2004 10:24:55 PM
they're from florida,so theyre awesome.