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Eyeball Recs signs The #12 Looks Like You

Monday, October 11, 2004 10:21 AM PT

You've probably heard rumors, but Eyeball Records has now officially signed New Jersey's The Number Twelve Looks Like You. The group's Eyeball debut will hit stores in May 2005.


10/11/2004 10:30:09 AM
first post

10/11/2004 11:39:03 AM
one of the few good grind bands

10/11/2004 12:10:50 PM
this is cave In I posted this on the board a month ago

10/11/2004 12:28:06 PM
justentech, you probably only consider them one of the few good grind bands because you fail to realize that they are not a grindcore band. they are simply a noisey metalcore band.

10/11/2004 12:40:20 PM
if you want to check out some real grind try listening to phobia, decrypt, or leng tch'e. People like you embarass the name of grindcore.

10/11/2004 2:42:23 PM
#12... sucks shit

10/11/2004 4:29:43 PM
I posted tha news on the board at 9:57am I should woork for Lambgoat

10/11/2004 4:45:46 PM
grindcore means you wear white belts and girls pants right?

10/11/2004 9:56:06 PM
that band is gay...gay gay gay

10/12/2004 5:22:39 AM
the adventures of pete and pete

10/12/2004 9:01:51 AM
hahahh so many titles and lables for music just give it a break scenesters anyhting that sounds like noise is grind so sck a dck

10/12/2004 1:14:50 PM
i enjoy this band

10/18/2004 8:55:44 AM
just say if you like them or not...fck the labels...and by the way, if you are going to label them, call them metal and not this grindcore shit

10/18/2004 1:35:17 PM
Bands with numbers or colors in there name = teh gay

10/18/2004 7:18:49 PM
fcking idiot...their name comes from an episode of the twighlight zone thus its not a random number, why dont you all go to some shows and dance like gorillas gays