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Cave In confirms RCA split

Friday, September 10, 2004 4:58 PM PT

In an interview with Billboard.com, Cave In has confirmed their rumored split with RCA Records. According to frontman Stephen Brodsky, "We're free agents. We haven't decided on a label for our next album... This is a good thing for our band. For a few years, I didn't feel like our sound developed as much as I'd have liked it to. It's very exciting for us right now, because we have something new to offer people. We're not always easy to grasp."

Meanwhile, the group has written a handful of songs for their record. Tracks include "Heavy Metal Hand Grenade", "Trepanning", and "Resin Pyramid."


9/10/2004 4:59:24 PM
this is cave in

9/10/2004 5:00:36 PM
cave in sucks first post

9/10/2004 5:00:48 PM

9/10/2004 5:03:25 PM
now cave in can play old songs!!! oh wait!!!! yaaaaaaaaaay!

9/10/2004 5:17:53 PM
...cave in...

9/10/2004 5:25:53 PM
k vin

9/10/2004 5:27:51 PM
I got 5 of the new songs... so very good

9/10/2004 5:32:37 PM
steveo? toledo? i probably know you

9/10/2004 5:41:10 PM
split = dropped from, correct?

9/10/2004 6:02:01 PM
no no....they're doing a split with the band rectal cavity agents...it's one of those "shares members with..." bands....you should check it out

9/10/2004 6:11:29 PM
more like gay vin.

9/10/2004 6:23:26 PM
Caleb needs to whip this band back into shape.

9/10/2004 7:06:03 PM
Cane in needed to get off that shit heap, now they can start kicking in teeth again.

9/10/2004 7:20:28 PM
Trepanning was on a comp. that i got and was the heaviest and best song i've heard from then in 4 years

9/10/2004 11:32:18 PM
Cave in > lambgoat gays

9/11/2004 12:54:42 AM
Regardless all their shit was great. Antenna, Tides, Jupiter, Until, and beyond were great. They have yet to let me down. People need to get over the whole come on play screaming songs again.....there is life beyond hardcore. Trust me.

9/11/2004 1:37:49 AM
......dave in

9/11/2004 2:07:18 AM
I'm sure the new release will be great.

9/11/2004 5:05:56 AM
totally cave in

9/11/2004 7:47:03 AM
Yeah, in their entire 10+ year career, they've only made one song (Crambone doesn't count) that I have disliked.

9/11/2004 7:50:29 AM
hahah stan marsh, more like stan DARSH!

9/11/2004 3:50:25 PM
theyuppiegrinder clearly saved this thread.

9/11/2004 6:37:03 PM

9/11/2004 7:03:33 PM
So we're now forced to wonder what Cave In thinks about being Cave In.

9/11/2004 7:27:58 PM
new songs = the sex.

9/11/2004 11:30:24 PM
motherfckzombies = right. Cave In can't release a bad record. I love the new stuff I've heard, and can't deny the old stuff. But why the fck did this RCA deal happen? Why drop one of the few bands with integrity off their label?

9/12/2004 11:52:25 PM
Actually, super-lame. I'm excited they're off of RCA (and hopefully free from major label burdens). These guys are amazing, I'd love for them to sound like it again.

9/12/2004 11:54:16 PM
ahem, that is, Cave in CAN disappoint. Antenna wasn't very interesting and Moons of Jupiter (ep) was lame. . .

9/13/2004 6:14:08 PM
boy do i wish cave in never changed. never decided to push the creative envelope. just so i could listen to the same album released over and over again. boy do i wish i was open minded. christ.

9/15/2004 3:51:20 PM
tides of tomorrow was excellent, until your heart stops was great, all of it was, stop being jerks, and love cave in. because we know you do.