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Killswitch Engage, 18 Visions, FATA tour

Wednesday, July 14, 2004 4:48 PM PT

The first batch of dates for the upcoming Killswitch Engage, Eighteen Visions, From Autumn To Ashes, and 36 Crazyfists tour has been released. Here's the latest:

8/17 New Haven CT @ Toad's Place
8/18 Allentown PA @ Crocodile Rock Cafe
8/19 Richmond VA @ Alley Katz
8/20 Charlotte NC @ Tremont Music Hall
8/21 Jacksonville Beach FL @ Freebird Cafe
8/22 Tallahassee FL @ Floyd's Music Store
9/1 Boise ID @ The Big Easy
9/2 Spokane WA @ Big Easy Concert House
9/3 Calgary CAN @ MacEwan Hall Ballroom
9/4 Edmonton CAN @ Red's


7/14/2004 4:51:17 PM
first view

7/14/2004 4:54:05 PM
second view

7/14/2004 5:18:56 PM
hopefully the tour bus will get stopped at canadian customs and not be allowed back in. then andy dick the drummer will get beaten by a bunch of quebecios.

7/14/2004 6:35:54 PM
why does the page have a link to previous embrace today news?

7/14/2004 8:57:49 PM
wont be there

7/15/2004 12:10:47 AM
what a joke. fck all those bands. kse is becoming a joke, making a video for that emo song.

7/15/2004 1:13:28 AM
Yeah, this tour is super fcking gay. Expect to see all chicks in the crowd.

7/15/2004 9:04:32 AM
ugh, why can't good bands come to western canada.

7/15/2004 10:19:30 AM
nice routing! head south and drive a week north to canada. endangered book this?

7/15/2004 4:54:06 PM
definately gonna have crying girls at that show....

8/5/2004 10:06:47 AM
fck all those bands. they're all gays. 18v was good back when james hart had dreds and the "new" CD out was Lifeless... now they're gays.