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Breather Resist finishes new album

Saturday, July 10, 2004 9:49 AM PT

Louisville, Kentucky outfit Breather Resist have now finished their new full-length and Jade Tree debut, "Charmer." The album was produced by Kurt Ballou and consists of eleven songs. Here is the track listing:

01. An Insomniac's Complexion
02. A Social Worker's Nightmare
03. Midas In Reverse
04. Honest To God
05. As Far As Goodbyes Go
06. Keep 'Em In Stitches
07. Long Nights, Short Fuses
08. Loose Lipped Error
09. A Passing Glance
10. Amphetamine Praise
11. Astigmatism

The effort will hit stores on October 5th, but you can check out an MP3 from the album here.


7/10/2004 11:41:31 AM

7/11/2004 2:21:14 AM
i don't see what's so special. listen to suicide note. they rock a lot more, i'd say.

7/11/2004 12:15:32 PM
you're wrong. breather resist PWNS

7/12/2004 1:55:31 AM
breather does pwn and this song pwns ass!