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The Black Dahlia Murder replaces drummer

Wednesday, June 23, 2004 3:46 PM PT

As we reported earlier this week, The Black Dahlia Murder have indeed parted ways with drummer Cory Grady. According to the group, Grady was asked to leave the band as a result of personal and professional conflicts. Grady has been replaced by Zach Gibson (Gutrot), and the group will not be missing any scheduled dates, including their four week tour with Cannibal Corpse.


6/23/2004 5:41:59 PM
great news right thurr

6/23/2004 7:32:12 PM
They should just replace the whole band with darkest hour.

6/23/2004 10:33:57 PM
yea, that would be a good idea,if darkest hour was better than bdm, which they most certainly are not.

6/24/2004 12:24:33 AM
Good riddance to a shitty drummer and shitty person.

6/24/2004 9:46:49 AM
what was the issue? why was he a shithead?

6/24/2004 11:26:50 AM
Oh come on. Cory's not a bad guy. He was half the reason I listened to BDM in the first place. This news sucks if you ask me (which you didn't).

6/24/2004 5:27:50 PM
I talked to Cory after a show once and he seemed like a pretty cool dude. Guess the other guys thought otherwise. Does anyone know anything about his replacement?

5/23/2015 8:51:52 AM
I think you should pick him back up he was young and dumb and now he is mature and is a great guy if you ask me and a damn good drummer