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Cave In guitarist suffers elbow injury

Sunday, May 30, 2004 8:22 PM PT

Cave In's Adam McGrath has reportedly broken his elbow (according to their website at least) as the group was forced to cancel yesterday's show in Greensboro, NC. No word yet on how the injury will impact other scheduled dates.


5/30/2004 8:33:55 PM
Cave in are playing old songs?

5/31/2004 1:55:02 PM
how do you break and elbow?

5/31/2004 3:26:14 PM
they play some of there old stuff at there concerts. well when i saw them they did. it was sweeeeeeet

6/1/2004 9:45:50 AM
hahaha. have some tommy john's surgery. hopefully you'll write better songs.

6/1/2004 10:09:28 AM
ever see replays of pitchers that break their arm throwing a pitch? that shit is gnarly as fck.

6/3/2004 5:01:57 AM
Cave in (more characters)

6/6/2004 12:51:42 AM
yea i saw one Dave Dreveckty or something it was a terrible sight to see it was limp as a noodle