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Cannibal Corpse, Thy Art Is Murder tour announced

Monday, August 5, 2019 7:22 AM PT

Cannibal Corpse and Thy Art Is Murder tour 2019

Cannibal Corpse will headline a fall tour of North America with direct support from Thy Art Is Murder. The trek will commence in late October and the full schedule is listed below. Perdition Temple will be opening the show.

10/20 Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall
10/21 Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey Live
10/22 Austin, TX @ Come and Take It Live
10/24 Phoenix, AZ @ The Pressroom
10/25 Ventura, CA @ The Ventura Theater
10/26 Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
10/27 Reno, NV @ Cargo
10/28 Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory
10/29 Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory
10/30 Vancouver, BC @ The Vogue Theatre
11/1 Edmonton, AB @ Union Hall
11/2 Calgary, AB @ MacEwan Ballroom
11/5 Boulder, CO @ The Boulder Theater
11/6 Fort Collins, CO @ Hodi's Half Note
11/7 Omaha, NE @ The Waiting Room
11/8 Kansas City, MO @ The Truman
11/9 Des Moines, IA @ Wooly's
11/10 Belvidere, IL @ The Apollo Theatre
11/12 Joliet, IL @ The Forge
11/13 Detroit, MI @ St. Andrews Hall
11/14 London, ON @ London Music Hall
11/15 Toronto, ON @ Opera House
11/16 Montreal, QC @ M Telus
11/17 Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
11/18 Boston, MA @ The Royale
11/20 Providence, RI @ Fete Ballroom
11/21 New Haven, CT @ Toad's Place
11/22 Brooklyn, NY @ Warsaw
11/23 Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
11/24 Philadelphia, PA @ TLA
11/26 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
11/27 Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum


8/5/2019 7:30:24 AM
Thy Shart Is Squirter

8/5/2019 7:37:53 AM
Will be protesting these shows. America has no place for these mass shooting enablers

8/5/2019 9:15:22 AM
Fight me at The Forge in Joliet

8/5/2019 9:42:17 AM
Thy art is murder blows. Send them back to their own c*ntry.

8/5/2019 10:00:22 AM
Thy art is murder couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag

8/5/2019 10:06:38 AM
Whore to a Chainsaw. All Shall Perish should be on this

8/5/2019 10:16:05 AM
Pretty crazy that Perdition Temple got a tour with Cannibal Corpse.

8/5/2019 11:46:27 AM
No ohio shows?! Go fck yourselves!

8/5/2019 1:17:44 PM
I for one think this will be an enjoyable event and will be looking forward to the Dallas show. Fight me in the pit nerd.

8/5/2019 1:42:19 PM
R these real bands?

8/5/2019 1:46:14 PM
Decent tour. Not my favorite bands but not bad either I enjoy some taim from time to time

8/5/2019 2:18:23 PM
Thy Art Is Garbage

hang it up losers

8/5/2019 2:56:16 PM
That pit floor is gonna be covered in PBR/Fosters/Piss

8/5/2019 3:31:43 PM
Third comment up from me is just f.cking weird.

8/5/2019 4:55:58 PM
Whoever said send them back to their own country is a dipshit. Unless you consider Florida a country.

8/5/2019 4:57:42 PM
^TAIM is from Australia you fckin dipshit idiot

8/5/2019 4:58:29 PM
That pit floor is gonna be covered in PBR/Fosters/Piss

^and syringes

8/5/2019 5:00:55 PM
Thy art is sick. Cannibal Corpse is washed up and shitty.

8/5/2019 5:40:35 PM
In before those other Thy Fart is Turder posers try to flex on my game

8/5/2019 5:43:11 PM
my neck is bigger than the cannibal corpse guys.

8/5/2019 6:42:56 PM
Kings of death metal! CC keep getting better, Bloodthirst, Kill, Gore Obsessed, Torture all brutal slabs of intricate death metal. Die posers.

8/6/2019 3:27:23 AM
I saw Thy Art is Murder during a snow storm in NYC, and I hope it snows the same day at the Warsaw show, or at Starland so fight me in the pit. I kill crowkillers. Vince McMahon is stoked.

P.S. Job for A Cowboy or All Shall Perish should be on this.

8/6/2019 11:27:09 AM
Job for a Cowboy should totally be on this. Where is that band?

8/6/2019 5:14:33 PM
That pit floor is gonna be covered in PBR/Fosters/Piss

LOL facts

8/6/2019 5:41:17 PM
Thanks for kc show! Both these bands are badass too many haters on here