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Gideon surprise-release new EP, stream available

Friday, February 1, 2019 11:46 AM PT

Official press release:

Today, Alabama hardcore outfit Gideon surprised fans with the release of a new two-song EP, No Love/No One, via Equal Vision Records.

No Love/No One marks the band's heaviest hitting material to date, revealing a darker side both sonically and lyrically. Opener and title track "No Love/No One" serves as a punishing anti-love letter to toxic relationships boasted by tremendous guitars and a mosh-ready breakdown. "2 Deep" follows suit, building on doing what's best for yourself while taking on a more straight-up metallic sound. The EP is just the tip of the iceberg for what's to come from Gideon, as the band enters the studio to record a full-length due out later in the year. You can listen to No Love/No One here now.

On No Love/No One, Gideon stated: "For us, this EP is about getting more in touch with yourself, and taking the oftentimes difficult steps that it's gonna take to make that happen. 'No Love/No One' is first and foremost about letting go of people that are sucking the life out of you or killing the parts of you that make up who you are. '2 Deep' is about taking the next step. Be honest with yourself, be true to yourself, and work hard to earn your happiness. If you've put in the work, you're already in too deep to give up now. Take what's yours and nothing less."


2/1/2019 12:55:07 PM

2/1/2019 1:00:50 PM
Cuz I'm innnnnn 2 deep
And I'm tryyyyyn ta keep
Up abovvvve in my head
Insteeeaadd of goin under

2/1/2019 3:23:20 PM
Rick BROphy here. The bitchez love my Donald Trump mushroom c-ck.

2/1/2019 3:28:00 PM
"This material is our darkest, heaviest stuff yet" = lots of whining about nothing

Every damn time

2/1/2019 4:58:43 PM
Claims Alabama what only one member is from there now. Second "surprise release" the only band that caught my attention in a surprise release was TRAGEDY. Really great way to think a Bury Your Dead rip-off is clever

2/1/2019 5:36:06 PM
The rams have no chance in winning on sunday.

2/1/2019 6:18:56 PM
Same was said about the Eagles 1 yr ago

2/1/2019 6:55:24 PM
It's really hard to take any men serious about how tough they are when all their songs are different iterations about a girl breaking up with them. Bro, you're in a band that tours. You're bound to find another girl with low enough self esteem to think that you're cool for a week. This shit is as corny as a side of three day old cold ass corn pudding.

2/1/2019 8:32:28 PM
Well done boys. Guaranteed, all these kooks commenting have never played in a band, toured, or at least even tried to play the music they're so quick to criticize.

2/1/2019 10:30:21 PM
This is genuinely bad. ICP meets Hatebreed.

2/1/2019 11:18:54 PM
What's amazing is how I am trying to sign up for help yet jerked around. Even more amazing...being compared to a sworn officers sack of nuts as a minor child. fck you to chief, your turn! 6*6

2/2/2019 11:26:41 AM
Embarrassed that I used to like them. They suck big farts.

2/2/2019 9:27:36 PM
^^^^ last comment was from beta lordcuck who wishes he was more in touch with his femme side.

2/3/2019 6:08:50 AM
daniel McWhorer ought to stop hanging out in his merch table before and after every single show adding people's girl friendz to his laughable social media followings and texting them it's getting quite desperate