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Killswitch Engage finishes recording new album

Saturday, December 29, 2018 7:37 PM PT

Killswitch Engage band
photo by John McMurtrie

Massachusetts metal/metalcore band Killswitch Engage has finished recording their new album. The outing is now set for further arrangement, editing, and mixing courtesy of Killswitch guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz and is expected to hit streets in the spring.

Vocalist Jesse Leach had the following to say via Instagram:

"All vocals for the new Killswitch Engage album are complete. Blood (actual blood), sweat, tears, more sweat, anxiety, anger, hope, love, frustration, passion and full on heartbreak are injected into every single word. Can't wait for you to hear it when it's all complete! Adam D is at the controls with more mixing, editing and arranging to do. I absolutely have to give Adam D a massive massive thank you for helping me more than any other record I've made. He is my musical soul mate and I don't know what I would do with out him. This album wouldn't be what it is without his determination and many many MANY hours of work. This process was the single hardest process I've ever had to deal with far beyond any album I've done, hands down.

"The sheer amount of material, my vocal surgery, depression, anxiety and full on mental breakdowns all contributed to the painstaking process. Adam was patient and motivating me along the way. The man is a total champion! Grateful to all of the guys in the band for their support. Stoked on their great and interesting song writing skills as well as just being patient with me. I believe the album has something for everyone who is a fan or digs what Killswitch is known for. I personally leaned a bit more on the heavier side of things, but we'll see what makes the album when all is said and done. I'm looking forward to 2019 more than words can express. It's been a super hard year for me personally as well as this album just haunting my thoughts and daily meditations. If nothing else I've given everything I have to this album. I truly hope my words on this piece of music are therapeutic, motivating and perhaps even inspiring for some of you out there. I know music is a huge part of my therapy and my life's blood so it would be an honor to help anyone in anyway with the music we make.

"Welp… enough out of me I'm going to drink a few dark and stormy beverages by a fire and try to relax and enjoy the fact another album in my career is complete. Cheers and thank you ALL for your patience, it's been a difficult (yet I hope rewarding in the long run) process."


12/29/2018 7:46:06 PM

12/29/2018 8:27:14 PM
more importantly did you hear that mallcore norma jean riff rip offers vein are touring with them?!? im the authority on hardcore so you should listen to me

12/29/2018 9:07:55 PM
Howard Jones was better

12/29/2018 9:08:35 PM

12/29/2018 9:30:25 PM
Hey Jesse, can you add a giant crease patch to the back of your tattered sleeveless jacket? Thanks bro.

12/29/2018 9:30:37 PM
good. tier 1 metalcore with likes of aild, idt, norma jean, tas, bt and byd.

12/29/2018 9:37:24 PM

most importantly did you hear that i think vein is a hardcore band and they are good music that plays from maine to florida in the highest regard since 1991!? i am the authority on known homosexuality. you should listen to me.

12/29/2018 9:48:24 PM
Man, does he sound like high maintenance.

12/29/2018 11:24:05 PM
Where do they find these guys? Seriously, it looks like they found these guys taking a dump in a dumpster five minutes prior to photographing this. Jean vest appears to be a homeless guy.

12/30/2018 7:36:11 AM
my uncle who lays sheetrock for a living always talks about these guys. loves em

12/30/2018 7:42:24 AM
I cringed while reading that garbage.

12/30/2018 7:58:17 AM
So dramatic. Shut the fck up.

12/30/2018 10:01:56 AM
I love Danzig-lite on the far left. Hahaha. Also thumbs up guy. Who even likes this band?

12/30/2018 11:19:53 AM
Translation: "Adam helped me, my band is good, this year was hard for me, my thoughts and meditation and crystals and reiki and surgery and depression and my self-concept and me and my career and me and me also. Have I mentioned me? Also, me. c-m."

12/30/2018 11:53:13 AM
vocalist is a cringe loser. worst social media poster around. bring back howard and the better vox

12/30/2018 12:25:44 PM
anonymous4 hours ago
my uncle who lays sheetrock for a living always talks about these guys. loves em

No one "lays" sheetrock. You hang it, you dweeb.

12/30/2018 12:45:49 PM
And I just realized...one is allowed to do as they wish yet potentially degrade others for the same mindset.

12/30/2018 2:34:14 PM
memphis will be laid to waste > anything botch / coalesce
blue 42 > anything zao
tower of snakes > anything martyr AD
rose of sharyn > aftershock or prior kse

and it isn't even close.

12/30/2018 2:36:04 PM
grammy nod incoming

12/30/2018 4:08:30 PM
ok but why?

12/30/2018 6:12:06 PM
Thumbs up guy is the type of guy you would love to have on the side. Not bf material at all, just someone to empty myself into or onto.

12/30/2018 7:40:27 PM
"Danzig-lite on the left" got me LOLin

12/30/2018 10:39:22 PM
Yet you're not reacting to any of my 7 posts. Pathetic little man.

12/31/2018 7:00:30 AM
LOL got Danzig-lite on the left and Pickles The Drummer Ding Dong Doodly Do on the right

1/1/2019 6:13:49 AM
Diet Danzig

1/1/2019 5:13:44 PM
Howard Jones was better and that entire band looks like they take fashion advice from teenagers at the mall. Like seriously, Jesse looks like a pedo, an old man who comes out to the new school shows and hits on the young chicks

1/1/2019 9:44:25 PM
Everyone saying Howard was better.... yeah better at writing a fcking SEVENDUST album. Have any of you even heard his new band? Absolute trash.

1/1/2019 10:18:06 PM
the releases with howard crush any other kse albums

1/2/2019 5:58:28 AM
the releases with howard are still cringy soggy garbage for soft coward dummies who still live at home with mommy. tier 1 my b-hole

1/2/2019 6:21:36 AM
the releases with howard singing sounded like a tier-3 metalcore band in an Andrew Lloyd Webber production

Phantom of the Operacore

1/2/2019 1:58:03 PM
howard was peak kse. two dip sh*ts above wouldn't know tier 1 if it landed every china hit in the set

1/2/2019 8:39:56 PM
shut up you have dogshit taste in music

1/2/2019 10:18:22 PM
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1/4/2019 7:03:42 AM
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