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Gojira in the studio

Friday, October 26, 2018 12:40 PM PT


It appears that Gojira has been in the studio as of late working on material for an undisclosed purpose. As you can see from the social media posts below, the band has been ensconced at their own Silver Cord Studio in Brooklyn, NY "cooking something up," though what that something is remains unclear.

It's been roughly two years since the band released their last album, Magma, so perhaps they're working on a new record. Perhaps not.


10/26/2018 1:21:40 PM
Tour with Mothra and King Kong soon. Just be sure to paid the cities after damages

10/26/2018 4:12:20 PM
Gojira should try to open for AILD. I don't know if everyone has heard, but they're selling out venues left and right.

10/26/2018 5:47:18 PM

10/26/2018 5:50:39 PM
Hey guys, appreciate the hard work you're putting in but I have to admit that I just don't really care to hear new output from Gojira. Thanks anyway and have a great weekend!

10/26/2018 8:01:29 PM
Gojira shreds. fck yall

10/26/2018 9:46:09 PM
The drum technique is really par with the professionals out there..

10/26/2018 9:47:44 PM
^ His chest looks like trump's ass.

10/27/2018 7:08:32 AM
Hey guyz. Legendary bassist "hota roc" guerroro here.

10/27/2018 2:41:31 PM
Nature trails are stoked.

10/28/2018 6:57:22 PM
I don't think what is playing sounds good. I get that it's off time ish, but the way he is hitting his high hats is completely unnecessary. He just has that open feel forcing him to chop at the HH like that, if it was cross over the HH hits would just be dotted...he is over exaggerating the beat.

10/29/2018 9:32:50 AM
Virgins are stoked.

10/29/2018 4:38:18 PM
Whats the big fcking mystery here? You see all the members of the band gojira in the studio together why do you have to mention every other word about how youre not 100% sure theyre recording new music??

10/29/2018 7:58:45 PM
LOL at that drum video holy cow what is that goofy spazz out drumming? Is he okay?

10/30/2018 8:22:39 AM
i hope it's even worse than magma