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As I Lay Dying support acts for European tour revealed

Thursday, August 23, 2018 6:49 AM PT

As I Lay Dying tour with Erra and Bleed From Within 2018

Many metal fans have been curious as to which bands would by accompanying As I Lay Dying on their forthcoming tours in North America and Europe, particularly to see if said bands suffered any blowback for partnering with Tim Lambesis et al.

While further details regarding As I Lay Dying's North American tour have yet to surface, it's been revealed that the band's European trek will feature direct support from Alabamian progressive metalcore band ERRA and Scottish metal act Bleed From Within.

You can view the latest information for the European tour below. (You'll notice that venues continue to get "upgraded.")

As I Lay Dying tour dates Europe 2018


8/23/2018 7:01:35 AM
fck these bands, they are just as shitty as the members of AILD for crawling back to Lambest-ts. Pathetic scum.

8/23/2018 7:02:58 AM
I can't keep up with the hardcore/metal news, are these the Nazi guys or the molester guys?

8/23/2018 7:05:42 AM
Bfw only hopped on this so after 10 years someone will actually mention their name

8/23/2018 7:08:33 AM

8/23/2018 7:22:38 AM
I love how quickly the LG Troll love for AILD faded away. Yall got bored bc the shitposting stopped getting the same reaction and now you're probably starting to remember how terrible this band actually was for the bulk of their career. Buncha virgins.

8/23/2018 7:58:00 AM
Oh well suckers. He served his time and put it passed him. Seems anyone with shit to talk here are just jealous of him (talent, money, tats/t-ts). Enjoy your mundane lives while Tim gets to step back into the ring and do something with his life.

8/23/2018 8:15:59 AM
fck both of these bands for supporting that piece of shit.

8/23/2018 8:42:35 AM
Tim will never be accepted back into the music industry.
- AILD will never reform
- AILD previous members will never come back.
- AILD will never put out new material (current vid at 4 million views and counting, higher ratio of thumbs up)
- AILD will never come out with new material.
- no venues will let AILD perform (upgrading to 1,000 plus rooms on two continents and selling them out).
- no bands will open for AILD

8/23/2018 8:44:07 AM
how many Ls do you losers have to take before it you accept reality. Its happening and there is nothing you basement dwelling dorks can do. sit in obscurity and reminisce to your obscure 90s at the gates, in flames, soil work, carcass rip off bands. They've never even touched the success AILD gets right back off the rip off a 6 year hiatus.

8/23/2018 9:25:02 AM
Hey folks, this is Mfungo. I am Tim's adopted Ethiopian son. "Click, click Dad!", in English. "fck you!"

8/23/2018 9:52:55 AM
after years of not singing tim will blow his voice out on the billings date and people will realize they lost it, that they suck (and have always sucked). The protests are already being organized. next tour will be in VFW halls with Tim and a bunch of hired guns

8/23/2018 9:55:41 AM
this. i was at the soma show, tim BARELY got through it, he sounded way out of shape.

8/23/2018 10:31:14 AM
i work a mb. again good try on detracting but no one believes you. The new album and FULL US tour is slated for spring 2019 (new merch, 1,000+ rooms, tier 1 routing, back to back evenings (NY, LA, ATL, LV), known support - atreyu, unearth, tas, etc.) This will roll into the summer one off huge rock festivals which AILD has already been invited. you will be consistently wrong and eating your words on here once more

8/23/2018 10:34:36 AM
Everyone knows these cucks for christ and all their followers are nothing more than real life basement dwelling trolls. I'll be at the gym lifting to SATANIC music and glorifying my deity with my all natural jacked body. If Satan wants t-ts he gets them from a woman!

8/23/2018 11:20:17 AM
i work at mb. AILD is not on our label anymore

8/23/2018 12:15:06 PM
no you don't. we are recouping sums paid forward (in midst of a 4 album deal in 2013). Even if the label name is not overtly attached to any product or tour, we have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure they are in the best place to succeed and be in the green. I know contractual renderings and financial accounting is hard to comprehend on these boards

8/23/2018 12:28:10 PM
Is Erra on every tour this year? lol

8/23/2018 1:07:52 PM
fiduciary responsibility fiduciary responsibility fiduciary responsibility fiduciary responsibility fiduciary responsibility fiduciary responsibility fiduciary responsibility fiduciary responsibility fiduciary responsibility fiduciary responsibility fiduciary responsibility fiduciary responsibility fiduciary responsibility fiduciary responsibility

8/23/2018 1:11:18 PM
i work at mb. you are wrong, band was dropped back when tim got caught, we had already cut ties with him in regards to Austrian Death Machine. The splatter vinyls were a test run and a total failure. they are no longer with the label.

8/23/2018 1:13:22 PM
if AILD was still on our label we would have released the new single through our channels and collected the 400 dollars it has made through spotify and youtube. they are not on the label so that is why they did it on their own. Notice we have said nothing about the band, the song or it's tours on any of our sites. we do not wish to give publicity to a band we no longer work with. sincerely, mb employee

8/23/2018 1:59:34 PM
Who the fck are breed from within

8/23/2018 2:36:17 PM
ADM is/was on Artery not mb. poser #1 spotted. we don't need our imprint to be attached to any of their fliers, merch or future recordings. Smart play with treading backlash waters for now. and they will sell regardless as all the recent evidence points to. That in turn also doesn't alleviate their financial responsibility to our previous backing and contractual agreement.

8/23/2018 2:36:47 PM
cont. Everyone at mb is fully on board with aild behind the scenes and the splatter sell outs were just a scratch of the surface of what is to come - 2019 slate of headliners, sold out tours, re-stocked merch, festival appearances, meet and greets, signings, speaking sessions etc the community has all but fallen in line. you few detractors who have nothing better to do cannot sway the polarity

8/23/2018 3:37:30 PM
ADM was absolutely 100% on MB until the last record so you are full of shit
NO label that had a vested interest in a group would not attach themselves or claim copyright on the material, that is bad business
if the band were dropped or the contract expired, MB doesn't collect on anything the band does nor does the band have to hand MB money for anything. you don't understand how contracts work

8/23/2018 3:44:28 PM
from tim's own fcking mouth:
"the record label does not want to release any albums; the band still has an outstanding debt that will need to be repaid from any future income. The band was advanced 200k two years ago for a contract. That contract ended 6 [months] ago and paying back $150k."


8/23/2018 3:45:23 PM
and MB can't come after them for money from future releases and touring, only that AILD won't see any royalties from the MB catalog until that 150K is recouped from whatever bullshit royalty rate AILD had

8/23/2018 3:45:34 PM
Can't wait for the headline "As I Lay Dying assualted on tour"

8/23/2018 3:46:33 PM
how does a band that sells as many records as AILD did still end up 150K in the hole with their label. what a bunch of morons

8/23/2018 3:51:26 PM
This is Islamaphobic!! They should be getting direct support from the REFUGEES and MIGRANTS while in Europe!! Tim is going to help his black brothers conquer Europe

8/23/2018 3:52:41 PM

8/23/2018 11:50:24 PM
nice call on heaven shall burn/caliban support.

Also AILD is the highest tier of metalcore now that they are back and selling out shows. Hard Ls all around for converge fans and low tier zao fans......noone is pumping to that shit.

8/24/2018 12:21:58 AM
It's hard to support a band whose lead vocalist tried to have his wife murdered. I don't care how much time he did. This band is dead in my eyes

8/24/2018 2:49:43 AM
They clearly don't even need support bands. Screw it.

8/24/2018 4:39:59 AM

8/24/2018 5:22:31 PM
roll tide

8/25/2018 7:06:25 AM
To the MB Employee:

Whatever happened to Woe of Tyrants?

Also, I thought ADM/AILD/Lambesis went to Artery?