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As I Lay Dying selling out shows, moving to larger venues in Europe

Monday, August 13, 2018 2:21 PM PT


8/13/2018 2:25:18 PM

8/13/2018 2:26:12 PM
We told you. you still didn't want to listen. AILD > zao. eat sh t losers

8/13/2018 2:31:47 PM
I work at mb. we have seen the exact same demand for the initial Us leg. All venues are currently being considered for upgrades. splatter meet and greet packages available all dates too

8/13/2018 2:45:24 PM
Chicks dig felons

8/13/2018 2:52:45 PM
God damn I'm sick of all these pssys saying AILD is a meme and how all the AILD supporters are just 1 guy. More like all the detractors are just 1 guy. The whole fcking world is ready for this. Real music you can dance to, real music you can live to. Meanwhile zao still playing UU churches and veterans halls and writing music people can't dance to cuz dancing is lame. More like they are drugged of their fcking mind and can't keep 4/4 if their life depended on it.

8/13/2018 2:53:37 PM
I mean metal is as metal does in Germany.

8/13/2018 2:54:29 PM
Sweet I heard heaven shall burn is going to be the special guest opener on some of these in the bigger venues \m/

8/13/2018 2:57:09 PM
come to Slovenia!

8/13/2018 3:08:21 PM
^ ok, will do.

Love, AILD

P.S. jk, we suck

8/13/2018 3:13:19 PM
word in the mb lunch room earlier today is that support on select dates is being rounded out by HSB, in flames, caliban and some one offs from maroon and neaera. Just like in the states, Tim has woken up europe from their metalcore slumber

8/13/2018 3:15:14 PM
Doesn't matter how many shows they sell out, dude is still a pssy for not actually killing his wife.

8/13/2018 3:28:12 PM
Analbutt, no that just proves his innocence, dude is jacked as fck, totally aggro from the t, crazy conviction only a brainwashed xtian or jihadist could have yet he never even wanted to kill his wife, an undercover cop posing as a fake friend got him drunk and hyped to agree to it, that's how much it took, I bet it would take you a lot less to say yes.

8/13/2018 3:29:05 PM
Day off in Germany for a breast reduction surgery

8/13/2018 3:30:11 PM
Heaven Shall Burn and Caliban are for sure. Can't wait to hear the support coming with them from the states (Himsa maybe?)

8/13/2018 3:37:10 PM
Would be ironic as fck if zao toured with them in direct support a lot of fights would break out in the pit get your brass knuckles ready you got 3 months to do a cycle

8/13/2018 3:39:28 PM
F ck you and Tim, hope someone is hacking the system and when he shows up there is no one.

8/13/2018 3:40:17 PM
^ i've heard for their 2019 full Us headliner that bleeding through and unearth is direct support and the agony scene will also be on bill. also there will be some regional known acts jumping on in their respective states/areas - 18v, byd, evergreen terrace

8/13/2018 3:41:44 PM
AILD doesn't need touring bands. They already have Amanda coming for direct JO support.

8/13/2018 3:44:24 PM
yeah exactly. tim never committed a crime. some undercover baited him into minimal conversation with no clear agreement. he went to jail on a technicality and was promptly released and cleared

8/13/2018 3:45:49 PM
unearth would be a goodchoice with the new album written by suicide silence. i hope ur right about direct regional support id love to see a scene reunion, evelynn and narcissus would be good bands in addition

8/13/2018 3:53:27 PM
Tim committed a crime but the legal system tore his family apart in a completely unwarranted manner. This issue could have been completely handled by their church. Instead we got what was clearly an instance of state overreach — a clear warning to the rest of the country what would happen if Obama did a 3rd term or if Hillary won.

8/13/2018 4:00:23 PM
Well said. The Christian church was the best spot to mediate. Instead we have state agencies and media running their smear campaign on a good man and even more notable musician. Witch hunt at its finest. Things are settling as we all knew they would after that complete farce

8/13/2018 4:07:14 PM
Germany loves murder so this makes sense.

8/13/2018 4:10:31 PM
Tim and his band are reclaiming their position but beyond that they should sue for restitution. The proceeds they had to forefeit were substantial but there's only so much time in the day. Tim is focusing on what's important to him: family, health, music. I can't blame him for trying to put it all past him. Obviously wealth does not drive him.

8/13/2018 4:15:31 PM
fck TIM

8/13/2018 4:36:19 PM
^ most of us would pay for the privilege. Go back to metal sucks.

8/13/2018 4:41:26 PM
Saw them in Jerome last night. A crowd of 250, but 200 of them were paid to be there by their label. Tim's cool as fck. He kept pointing to attendees and saying "wot dat mouf do" for some reason after every song, like some inside/band joke?.. Like in a normal voice, not too sageish. Awesome stuff man AFAIK Jordan has a beard. But like I noticed his beard is just a fierce handlebar moustache. He should invest in a better razor, but who cares? That actually bothered me more than it should...

8/13/2018 4:42:15 PM
^ Lookin for reaction to your absurd comment, huh? Well ok.. your a saddo who has issues of self loathing. Now go to bed and wake up tomorrow and get wise.

8/13/2018 4:43:49 PM
She isn't dead. Let's move on.

8/13/2018 5:00:08 PM
the MRA manlets have crawled out for this thread. AILD = incel-core.

8/13/2018 5:49:10 PM
After hiring someone to harm your wife...as a childhood fan I will never support your music.

8/13/2018 6:00:57 PM
Tim is the best christian red pill role model we've got. Hail the alpha who fears the lord.

8/13/2018 6:03:09 PM
Dismbodied Diablire bodies anything ASID will every do.

Converge could and will routinely sell out any venue AILD could at their pinnacle. Converge has always climaxed and been at the top.

8/13/2018 6:11:11 PM
Fun fact: tim never even transferred the money over. It was a gentlemen's agreement to pay after the deed had been done so he wasn't guilty of shit!!!

8/13/2018 6:13:21 PM
the only thing coverage has come close to selling out is VFW halls. they aren't even close to AILDs leve and success. obvious troll is obvious

8/13/2018 6:15:16 PM
Tim's record was expunged. he never actually committed a crime.

8/13/2018 6:24:24 PM
Zao would not tour with them. Various members have said over the past few years they were done with him.

8/13/2018 6:27:56 PM
"members have said over the past few years they were done with him"
Not surprised after he built his initial fame ripping them off

8/13/2018 6:33:17 PM
hey shitface zao doesn't even have any original members left so your point is moot. they would play anything if the fans show up.

8/13/2018 6:37:21 PM
lol whoever is left in zao would be on the next train west if AILD ever let them open ANY of their dates. too many better mid 00s offerings to pick from. truth huts keep crying about tim

8/13/2018 6:50:12 PM
The original lineup is not what aild ripped off. It was the later line up. Scott has spoken out against him as has Gratz. And him thought enough of Jeff to have him on ADM stuff. So no, I don't think they would.

8/13/2018 6:52:50 PM
Ummm. Nobody actually LIKED the original zao lineup. So who cares if none of them are there

8/13/2018 6:58:35 PM
Good for tim, let him make his money now. Once the fan base dissolves he won't be able to get a real job since he is a convicted felon. The joke is on him in the long run

8/13/2018 7:29:17 PM
funeral of god is only good zao (rising end rules) AND. TODAY! but beneath the encasing of ashes and burning bridges came out before and were better.

8/13/2018 7:59:51 PM
"the only thing coverage has come close to selling out is VFW halls. they aren't even close to AILDs leve and success. obvious troll is obvious"

I work for Deathwish and I see the numbers that come in just on Converge merch a month. AILD could pay their rent (all members). Keep pretending you know. Uneducated person is uneducated.

8/13/2018 8:00:53 PM
..."pay their rent for a year based off 1 month of merch from converge" Sorry I didn't finish it correctly.

If you don't like it, fight me at the billings date.

8/13/2018 8:13:40 PM
LOL. aild doesn't even need a merch store, a record or tour the last 5-6 years and snaps right back into sold out and upgraded venues on two continents. smack yourself dip sh*t. Tim owns multiple properties and a gym in SD. converge MAY of been thrown on one or two of those dusty old SOtU opening slots way back in 2006 for aild. history is not repeating itself. known gay is gay

8/13/2018 9:01:23 PM
Disgusting. fck this band and the gay fans

8/14/2018 3:21:40 AM
If Tim is so better then converge then why isn't he producing everyone's records like the converge guys are huh??

8/14/2018 3:46:21 AM
Dude looks like a jacked ewolk

8/14/2018 4:28:48 AM
chicken gamgbang If you feel so uncomfortable why did you even click this link? Just post on your safe space Metal sucks and stay the hell off here

8/14/2018 5:52:02 AM
How is Tim able to leave the country? I thought being in his situation wouldn't allow you enter other countries

8/14/2018 5:55:17 AM
Bill Cosby here, I support this attempted murderer, a bitch needs to be in her place.

8/14/2018 5:57:03 AM
Donald Trump here, I support Lambesis, he is a good man and a good Christian. I heard he abandoned his adopted Ethiopian kids with his loser ex wife, Good. Don't need them taking his money. #maga

8/14/2018 6:04:03 AM
Hey Tim, this is Harvey Weinstein, good job son. Put that hooker in her place. fck your fans and tour the world. Beat up more hookers and don't forget to profess your love for Jesus and nice hotels.

8/14/2018 6:08:14 AM
Hey Tim, Nikolas Douglas here, I am the Parkland shooter, thanks for being a good role model. Do bad, people forget about it then later on take their money. Thanks pal.

8/14/2018 6:20:53 AM
This is Reba from Code Orange, I don't remember these guys because we are still kids but I they sound fine to me. Here are some riffs I have for them to use.

Tabs are 0000000100000001000000001b end.

8/14/2018 6:21:37 AM
^^ Stop. You are equating a jacked family man and musician with sex predators which Tim never was. He took his marriage vows very seriously.

8/14/2018 6:23:23 AM
"in his situation"
You mean a free citizen of the US with an expunged record? Same as most of us posting on here?

8/14/2018 6:26:08 AM
"anonymous14 hours ago
unearth would be a goodchoice with the new album written by suicide silence."

dude from The Acacia Strain was a riff consultant on the new Unearth because Ken Susi lost touch with his metalcore roots. Once the girl jeans, saucony shoes, stud belts, carabiner keychains, and hair product were brought back the riffs started flowing.

8/14/2018 6:26:28 AM
Al Sargento here

will pay good penny 4 AILD merrch

hit my line uncle nephews!

8/14/2018 6:28:57 AM
So is Tim pro condom education in Africa or against it?

8/14/2018 6:33:46 AM
Hi Dan W. here from Zao. Tim is a con artist and we are tired of his shit. He will never be one of us. He was almost our vocalist back when I went total schizo and quit and they had some random people like Corey and Josh filling in. He was actually our first choice but after stealing our riffs he said no and recorded his own. fcker.

8/14/2018 6:33:47 AM
His record was not cleared
He will forever be marked as a felon. Jesus Christ do your homework

8/14/2018 6:40:35 AM
^^^ you have such a simplistic black/white view of the world. I bet you have it all figured out don't you. You make it sound like it's either felon or not. But actually there is gray area in between. If someone does a bg check some things will come up but he will look a lot different than Charles Manson or all the recent shooters. He will still be hireable and can even still buy guns.

8/14/2018 6:58:24 AM
you have 2 guys applying for a job, one served jail time for attempting to put a hit out on his wife, the other did not. which one do you hire?

8/14/2018 6:59:17 AM
keeping in mind the guy that owns the sheetrock company has no idea who As I Lay Dying is since most of the general public does not.

8/14/2018 7:36:03 AM
do they work hard? can they communicate worth a shit in plain english or standard spanish? hell if I care if they got a record, if they are willing to put in the effort we good to go.

8/14/2018 8:14:28 AM
Hey folks, this is Varg Vikernes (from Burzum) I think is an okay guy, I killed my guitar player and people think I am a stand up guy so is Tim and he has Jesus and most of you idiot Christians voted for that Nazi President so Tim should be fine.

8/14/2018 8:25:39 AM
I would hire the guy who put the hit on his wife who is working hard to turn his life around. Employers are suckers for stories like that.. sorry to burst your bubble kid

8/14/2018 8:27:17 AM
They should really do a tour of the Philippines. The goo goos would go nuts

8/14/2018 8:33:30 AM
It would be wise of them to pull a First Blood and just do a lot of European shows for a while. Make the money while you can, because it certainly won't be there in a few years once everyone has forgotten about them again.

8/14/2018 8:39:27 AM
Tim will never need to apply for a job because being a full time touring musician past and present will keep him in the green through retirement. so your point is irrelevant. Second his record has been expunged... as stated he is free to tour in other countries. All parties have long made amends including with the church. it's only you betas that keep crying about another man's money and living on here trying to sway the comment board polarity. won't work, anything he does is selling

8/14/2018 8:43:21 AM
The As I Lay Dying hypetrain is official leaving the station... Toot Toot Toot next stop Top of the billboard charts pussies

8/14/2018 9:38:59 AM
All the cucks on here crying about Tim should learn a thing or two. Nice guys finish last always.

8/14/2018 9:57:40 AM
Far more white knights on this board than I expected. Shame shame shame.

8/14/2018 9:59:48 AM
white knight cucks. here they come to save the dayyy. fronting like they actually even care what Tim 'allegedly' did.

8/14/2018 10:21:40 AM
All will fall in line once Tim raises the metalcore fist and the riffs start flying. Wait until you guys see the turn out here in the US. Massive will be an understatement. Everyone who decides to sit out will eventually come back to the fold after the new album gets released anyway. 4.3/5 for the new album on Sputnik Music. Angry Metal Guy will give it 4/5 which is high for them.

8/14/2018 10:50:06 AM
Axl from MetalSucks here.....Varg, still waiting on you for an exclusive interview. We would love to have more content on you.

P.S. we don't cover Tim Lambesis because he was found guilty of a crime once.

8/14/2018 11:12:35 AM
I work at metal blade. We will not hire time since he is an ex-felon. felonies are not expunged. sorry

8/14/2018 11:16:35 AM
"LOL. aild doesn't even need a merch store, a record or tour the last 5-6 years and snaps right back into sold out and upgraded venues on two continents. smack yourself dip sh*t. Tim owns multiple properties and a gym in SD. converge MAY of been thrown on one or two of those dusty old SOtU opening slots way back in 2006 for aild. history is not repeating itself. known gay is gay"

- Tim from AILD

8/14/2018 11:39:48 AM
Mort Goldberg here... felony record sealing is plausible via deferred adjudication probation fulfillment. We here at the firm can conclude that Mr. Lambesis completed all terms of his probation and every inch of California justice was served.

Morton Goldberg, JSD

8/14/2018 11:57:10 AM
^^^^^ wrong. nope.

8/14/2018 12:00:11 PM
i mean, if nothing else, his prison ID is floating around on the internet because dumbass tried to sell it. hahahahaha. simple google search will keep him out of the real work force until the day he finally offs himself

8/14/2018 12:01:37 PM
I can not wait until he does.

8/14/2018 12:07:07 PM
Why would tim deny it? He is working it into his testimony.... done!!!! It's only an issue when people try to hide it. If you disclose it and address it you won!!

8/14/2018 1:23:37 PM
He would have no problem finding a real job. Not that he needs to, but he would have no issues at all finding an employer to take him on. I know this must be hard for you cucks to understand. Welcome to the real world.

8/14/2018 1:25:50 PM
Also what these cucks don't understand is that time incarceration is OLD news. No one cares anymore and 99% of his new fans won't even know

8/14/2018 1:31:36 PM
exactly. Tim didn't even technically commit a crime and now it's sealed. He is free to tour other countries and it obviously is happening. all parties have made amends and the fans are coming out in masses to support AILD. only ones detracting are the beta cucks on here. a fruitless effort MAGA

8/14/2018 1:39:12 PM
he can NOT enter the following
New Zealand

it is not sealed, it is public record for anyone that would do a background check.
it is also easily searchable in google news.
He pled guilty and served time. for a felony.
Convicted felon. period.

8/14/2018 1:41:10 PM
hahaha AILD sells out 250 cap room upgrades to 400 cap room RELEASE THE PRESS!

8/14/2018 1:46:20 PM
OH NO Tim can't go to Aus and NZ or Canada or Greenland or the North Pole or Antarctica or Atlantis! how will they ever recoup!? lmao moron. US and euro full headliners will rake in more than enough profits

8/14/2018 2:14:44 PM
You're full of shit, as an American citizen the commonwealth countries are the easiest to get into because we all agree on criminality due to our shared heritage. If he's free in the US he's free in the UK, Canada, Aus, NZ...

8/14/2018 3:08:52 PM
actually if you even have a DUI in the US you can't get into canada. do your homework gayg3t

8/14/2018 3:14:42 PM
Slowly peek back his foreskin to reveal the treasure!!!! ITS A BABY LAMBESIS!!!! OMG its getting hawt in here, so take off all your clothes... wife gets what wife deserves... probably a feminist b1tch that physically abused, cheated and manipulated him to the point where he had to get rid of her - sort of like throwing old undies away in the trash

8/14/2018 3:20:29 PM
Guy would get booted from Australia or NZ.... over there the womens are treated like fcking royalty - regardless if she is wrong... So a womans can shoot a man in the head, and she is still seen as a victim. White men are the devil... fcking Aussies are a bunch of leftist SJW pussies... I support Tim... kill the bitch

8/14/2018 3:26:33 PM
All these pantera fans who discovered entry level metal/AILD on Sirius radio are pathetic women/animal rapists/beaters

8/14/2018 3:27:40 PM
No DUIs are different because it demonstrates he's a threat to safety. As a rehabilitated citizen he is no such threat. That's the whole point of prison, duh?

8/14/2018 3:38:18 PM
yeah i work in mb logistics/tour routing section. tim has been cleared to sell out venues worldwide with his band. thanks for voicing your concern about another man and his doings though winner

8/14/2018 3:43:29 PM
hey gang bang triggered cuck. i've seen the bands you stick up for and their all entry level homosexual. f ck outta here if Tim hurt your little feelings soy gay

8/14/2018 4:18:19 PM
Wait.. I thought prison reform and giving prisoners second, third, fourth chances were a part of SJW cuckery? Typical of SJW cuckacrits

8/14/2018 5:37:17 PM
Let's be real here. If this was a black man who hired a hit man to kill his wife, went to jail, etc , all you cucks a doodle doos would be whining about giving the guy a second chance

8/14/2018 5:47:23 PM
Nope, we love OJ and Casey was hot.

8/14/2018 6:02:08 PM
This band is the metal equivalent of pop music. If you enjoy it you are dead inside or have shit taste. Grow some balls.

8/14/2018 6:03:22 PM
^I don't care about any crimes or whatever, the music just blows.

8/14/2018 7:01:41 PM
So no UK shows because of the felony? can some lambgoat attorneys elaborate? Sorta like how teriyaki 69 played the same countries and not the UK.

8/15/2018 12:29:50 AM
lol who paid for this post? no shit they sold out their shows, they played soma side stage and small evenues on purpose so they would sell out.

8/15/2018 5:33:40 AM
Hopefully ex-wife puts a hit out on him.

8/15/2018 6:17:13 AM
Hey kids, this is Tim Lambesis. I want to thank all of you for your support. I know that I am a hypocrite and went against any hardcore/punk ethics but it seems that none of you give a shit and now I am going to make a ton of money because you are all fcking dumb. Thanks. #trytokillyourwifethencash in

8/15/2018 9:20:24 AM
If you use the word "cuck" there's like a 9.5/10 chance that you beat off to hentai and think Dan Bilzerian is god

8/15/2018 9:22:28 AM
it's one thing to not care, but anybody that actually actively defends tim looks like the pile of shit that they are. dude got caught. dude admitted he did it (pled guilty). dude is an ex-con plain and simple

8/15/2018 9:46:44 AM
I never knew that being an ex con means you can no longer play music or make money. The things you learn on lambgoat

8/15/2018 9:49:08 AM
Hey Tim, thanks for posting on here. No problem for the support man. Love to see a man go to prison and come out refreshed and reformed. Go get em' brother! Horns up!

8/15/2018 10:39:19 AM
Nothing stopping tim from doing either. Doesn't mean you have to help. Have some values

8/15/2018 11:12:13 AM
stfu loser. tim is a hero and has more values than you. look at all the children he has helped and the countless hours at his church. i will gladly spend a 500 spot soon as their merch store opens and attend every tour

8/15/2018 12:02:05 PM
My values include giving people 2nd chances. Sorry bud.

8/15/2018 1:13:02 PM
Get fcked naysayer. Speaking of values I'm pretty sure Jesus commanded us to give everyone a second chance. Pull the log out of your own eye jerk.

8/15/2018 4:18:07 PM
Maga hats and catholic priests, yeeeehawww Tim lumbt-ts

8/15/2018 7:36:13 PM
2nd chances are better spent than on attempted murderers who have shown zero remorse unless it cons his bandmates into a cash grab tour. Dude is a sociopathic narcissist. You and the other aild guys bought his con hook line and sinker

8/15/2018 7:40:24 PM
Can't bring Jesus into it now
He made it very clear Jesus was out of the picture when it happened. Can't have it both ways. Jesus also doesn't look to kindly on trying to kill your wife.

8/15/2018 11:20:08 PM
Tim didn't even commit a crime. you losers are still crying because mid 00s metalcore never went away and never will. get your cuck fake sentiment out of here. you could care less what he did and you look even gayer being a griping chick about it online. also to the dip sh it equating kid f uckig catholics to MAGA. mexicans and half breeds are the catholics

8/16/2018 6:40:39 AM
So he plead guilty and went to jail for no reason at all?

8/16/2018 8:12:28 AM
he went on a technicality. not the same

8/16/2018 8:36:52 AM
Who cares how many people he did or didn't kill? His music sucks. Music with no balls for basement dwellers with no balls.