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Beyond Creation announce new album, premiere song

Friday, August 3, 2018 11:27 AM PT

Official press release:

Beyond Creation will their long awaited new album, Algorythm on October 12 internationally through Season of Mist. The album, produced by Beyond Creation and recorded by Christian Donaldson at The Grid Studio, is the band's followed up to 2013's critically acclaimed Earthborn Evolution. Algorythm is available for pre-order across CD, LP, and a special box edition formats at the Season of Mist E-Shop.

Beyond Creation have released a video for the first new track off Algorythm. The track, a sprawling, nuanced take on truly progressive, modern metal titled "The Inversion" is streaming here:

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Regarding the track, Beyond Creation comment: "We are stoked to premiere 'The Inversion' as a first glimpse of the tonal variety we were able to express on our upcoming record 'Algorythm'. Each musician was challenged to step out of his comfort zone to achieve the right vibe for each section of this track and we are confident of the songwriting work involved throughout the song. On the visual side, it was a pleasure to witness the outstanding work of each member of Rubicon's team through every step of the process. We are incredibly happy on how this music video turned out and we're excited for our fans to discover the epic story-line and plot it offers. Each one of us was thrilled to play a role in the scenario of the video and we hope that it opens up more opportunities of this kind for Beyond Creation but also for every metal band out there! We invite all of our fans to get in touch with us through Facebook/Instagram with their feedback, as we're always more than happy to connect with you them all!"

Algorythm track listing:

01. Disenthrall
02. Entre Suffrage Et Mirage
03. Surface's Echoes
04. Ethereal Kingdom
05. Algorythm
06. À Travers Le Temps Et L'Oubli
07. In Adversity
08. The Inversion
09. Binomial Structures
10. The Afterlife


8/3/2018 11:32:40 AM

8/3/2018 12:20:50 PM
These dudes are the best. Any time these freaky french canucks roll through the US I let them tagteam my ass and c-m in my mouth free of charge.

8/3/2018 1:34:41 PM
No BREEEESsssss or Squidily D's??? fck this!!!

8/3/2018 5:54:36 PM
Only heavy band allowed to use fretless bass is Bloodlet, sorry Frodo and Friends

8/4/2018 5:11:39 AM
Beats the shit out of anything post-2007 AILD, pre-ordered.

8/4/2018 7:26:40 AM
fuuuck that song was T H I C C C

8/4/2018 2:36:28 PM
Never listened to them before but after today I'm gonna have to check them out. Song is thiccc and tight.

8/5/2018 5:19:09 PM