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Daughters finishing up new record

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 9:22 AM PT

Daughters band 2018

Providence, RI noise rock quartet Daughters has returned to the studio to presumably finish tracking the record they've been working on for several years. Recording has once again been taking place at Pawtucket, RI studio Machines With Magnets and guitars were apparently completed over the weekend (see below).

Day 5: "guitars" finished #daughtersband @nickasadler @machineswithmagnets

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4/11/2018 10:10:46 AM
dude on the far right looks like he already identifies as a "daughter".

4/11/2018 10:12:49 AM
They all look like they touch other people's young daughters.

4/11/2018 10:27:08 AM
Dudes who made out with each other in 2004 for scene cred are stoked

4/11/2018 10:37:27 AM
Don't know how anyone was ever able to listen to this terrible ass band. Also, youth large shirts are stoked.

4/11/2018 10:41:59 AM
Fat dude on the far left is super smug, thinking "heh yeah, can't wait to tell my manager at Starbucks off now that the ol' band is back together!"

4/11/2018 11:31:24 AM
dude with the handlebar mustache looks like he fcks.

the only legit man in this band.

4/11/2018 11:36:19 AM
Aaron still rides a lot, Except now he's just fatter

4/11/2018 11:51:56 AM
time is not kind to everyone. this band only got better over time. this will be good

4/11/2018 12:37:15 PM
first thing on lambgoat i actually pooped my pants over. i cannot WAIT!

4/11/2018 1:15:18 PM
dude on far right worked at jamstage in pawtucket when i was putting together shitty projects. cool for him.

4/11/2018 2:05:23 PM
I remember the twink working at jam stage too. The bassist has a cool pink house

4/11/2018 2:11:53 PM
I hope this album is as intense as fcking Invincible was

4/11/2018 6:25:07 PM
ITT anon quotes Piebald, no one gets it

4/11/2018 6:44:54 PM
Frankie pamerie is angry

4/11/2018 10:50:17 PM
Emmure should be on this

4/12/2018 9:35:35 AM
I love that Mandy Patinkin is slaying bass again

4/12/2018 11:07:22 AM
Dude on the far right looks like the gay kid that plays the flash. The rest of the band looks like they molest him.

4/16/2018 6:01:49 AM
guy on the far right resembles an ant eater.

4/16/2018 9:12:15 AM
the "ant eater" comment almost made me pass out from laughing.

201 days ago
shit slaps. yall is gays.