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Fit For An Autopsy, Great American Ghost tour dates

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 9:28 AM PT

Fit For An Autopsy has announced a brief spring tour surrounding their appearances at Texas Independence Fest and the New England Metal And Hardcore Festival. The dates will also feature Great American Ghost and Yashira. Here you go:

4/13 Biloxi, MS @ Zepplins
4/14 Austin, TX @ Texas Independence Fest (no Yashira)
4/15 Oklahoma City, OK @ 89th Street
4/16 St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
4/17 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
4/18 Lansing, MI @ Mac's Bar
4/19 Pittsburgh, PA @ Cattivo
4/20 Worcester, MA @ New England Metal And Hardcore Fest (no Yashira)
4/21 Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus (no Great American Ghost)


3/6/2018 12:58:21 PM
Fit for a Great American Vanflip Tour

3/6/2018 1:11:22 PM
If the drummer of yashira wasn't a creep ass who texted my 16 year old little sister some weird shit I'd actually care.

3/6/2018 4:55:53 PM

3/6/2018 7:50:22 PM
Hope these venues have enough square footage to hold Fat Pat's ego.

3/6/2018 8:04:11 PM
Someone tell a good old fat pat story.

3/7/2018 4:09:58 AM
My personal fave is him being a gang member but casually leaving that out of all his interviews, and social media.

3/7/2018 8:29:22 AM
fck this is gonna be sick

3/7/2018 8:54:28 AM
Hope these venues have enough square footage to hold Fat Pat's ego.


3/7/2018 10:33:24 AM
"Someone tell a good old fat pat story."

This. Any time we have an opportunity to shit on Daniel Defonce, Joe Hardcore or Fat Pat on this website it should be taken immediately.

3/7/2018 11:52:01 AM
Why does anyone like this band? They're god awful

3/7/2018 4:18:09 PM
Good fat pat stories in the b9 hardcore rumors thread.

3/7/2018 7:15:55 PM
fat pat shattered realm BBQ punch out story.

3/7/2018 11:12:08 PM
I knew the dude back in the day. He was a scene wannabe. Mosh pit meatball. Try to be every bands' friend. Would try to get on stage for singalong, but his mouth's words would never match what the singer was screaming. Fast forward to now, his ego is laughable for being a 40 yr old dude in a metalcore band, acting like he's rich.

3/12/2018 8:18:55 AM
Fat Pat is a clown who leeches onto anything for the fame and glory. He's a sad attention seeking whore who was touched as a kid and is most likely a suppressed homo. He has bad knees from giving so many crews favors and probably had gastric surgery to lose weight because he is a emotional eater. He got beaten out of FSU and I wouldn't be surprised if they gang abused him. His poor "wife" sits at home while he hooks up with high school girls infatuated with his boring shitty band.