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Times Of Grace (Killswitch Engage) recording new album

Thursday, December 14, 2017 7:12 AM PT

photo by Jason Zucco

Times of Grace, the band featuring Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach and guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, has entered the studio to being recording their sophomore album and follow-up to 2011's The Hymn of a Broken Man.

Drum tracking is currently taking place at Signature Sound studio in San Diego, California.


12/14/2017 7:21:50 AM
who TF sheetrocked that studio?

12/14/2017 8:02:37 AM
sheetrock dudes you are BORING

12/14/2017 8:04:53 AM
they look like they vape and say "m'lady" a lot

12/14/2017 10:02:49 AM
Toilet of grace

Sheeitrock kids. fck off

12/14/2017 1:07:55 PM
Sheet of Rock

12/14/2017 2:12:23 PM
Lyme disease is nothing. How about you carry Sheetrock every day for 10 years and see what kind of chronic back pain you have. Is your Lyme disease bullshit gonna cause you to start getting legit oxys from the dr? You gonna fruitlessly visit chiropractors for years? Your Lyme disease ain't nothing compared to what real men deal with every day

12/14/2017 5:43:18 PM
why is he wearing that?

12/14/2017 6:24:49 PM
Matt Stone left Trey Parker for this guy?

12/15/2017 12:40:50 AM
Mac And Dennis Track Drums

12/15/2017 6:29:32 AM
shedding a tear for the Shadows Fall guys who play in this band but get zero public recognition lol

12/15/2017 9:16:48 AM
Matt from Shadows Fall was only the touring bassist 5 years and. TOG is just Jesse, Adam and now Dan.
I am stoked , but I would rather see The Empire Shall Fall recording.

12/18/2017 9:54:01 AM
they really do look like Mac and Dennis lol