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Pig Destroyer recording new album

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 9:13 AM PT

Pig Destroyer

Northern Virginia grindcore mavens Pig Destroyer have entered the studio to begin recording their sixth studio album and follow-up to 2012's Book Burner.

The yet-to-be-titled full-length is being recorded at the band's own Visceral Sound Studios in Bethesda, MD with guitarist Scott Hull engineering and producing.

A summer 2018 release via Relapse Records is in the works.


10/17/2017 9:49:13 AM
I'm rock hard

10/17/2017 9:58:27 AM
overhead press destroyer

10/17/2017 10:29:03 AM
yo fck these TOURNIQUET f*gs.... oh sh*t wrong thread.

10/17/2017 11:43:56 AM
There is two people too many in this band....

10/17/2017 11:55:19 AM
Just shit in my pants thinking it was a fart....

10/17/2017 1:13:03 PM
This could be beautiful, this could be art.

10/17/2017 2:34:37 PM
These guys are really good but they need another guitarist

10/17/2017 3:28:47 PM
There is no tomorrow Jennifer said

10/17/2017 4:53:48 PM
Pig was definitely better as a 3 piece.

10/17/2017 7:02:46 PM
hull is a riff machine and im sure there will be some face rippers, but i really dont like adam jarvis in this band

10/17/2017 10:26:18 PM
hank 3? racist.

10/18/2017 5:44:59 AM
Scared To Tour

10/18/2017 11:25:57 AM
fck it. I'm still excited.