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Sinsaenum (ex-Slipknot, Mayhem, etc.) premiere new song

Friday, September 29, 2017 7:02 AM PT


Death metal collective Sinsaenum -- featuring current and former members of Slipknot, Dragonforce, Mayhem, and Chimaira -- have unveiled the title track of their forthcoming EP, Ashes, which will be available on November 10.

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9/29/2017 8:18:01 AM
Simple-side Behemoth riffs with Slipknot stock drums and Dragonforce guitar solos shredding in the background. Who woulda guessed?

9/29/2017 8:35:59 AM
The dragonforce influence is very unique, this might be the beginning of a melodic death/black metal reboot.

9/29/2017 9:06:18 AM
Joey got kicked out of Slipknot because he's too fat for the jumpsuit

9/29/2017 9:57:54 AM
this is gonna be a real disasterpiece

9/29/2017 10:12:47 AM
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9/29/2017 10:16:16 AM
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9/29/2017 11:12:17 AM
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9/29/2017 11:15:06 AM
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9/29/2017 11:17:07 AM
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9/29/2017 1:45:44 PM
How many shitty bands has joey jordinson been apart of in the last 5 years. Just quit dude.

9/29/2017 5:38:32 PM
Man take one of the most unique and interesting sounding black metal vocalists of all time and plop him in with a Hot Topic superstar backing band and suddenly he doesn't sound unique or interesting anymore

9/29/2017 7:48:28 PM
^^ jealous little bitch shut your cakehole fruit

9/30/2017 7:34:59 AM
Atilla, how could you?

9/30/2017 3:42:09 PM
I push my fingers in to my buuuuuuuuuuttttt

It's the only thing..that slowllyyy stops the iiiitchhhhhhh!

10/2/2017 5:32:02 PM
"kinda sounds like crazy fists. into it" - nap wheezy