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Taake announces new album

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 7:56 AM PT

Taake - Kong Vinter

Official press release:

Nestled within the looming embrace of seven mountains, the rugged, rain-swept coastline of Bjoergvin has spawned many extreme bands and musicians over the years, but none quite as iconic as Taake and its formidable founder Hoest, who is now back with a seventh full-length album. Titled Kong Vinter (King Winter), the album is set for release on Dark Essence Records on the 24th of November in Digipak CD, Digital and Vinyl formats, with the Vinyl available in black, transparent and white versions. All are double, 180 gram LPs in a gatefold cover. Transparent and white are limited to 1000 each.

Over the years Hoest has steered his creation with unerring accuracy through the mire of Black Metal. He has avoided the pitfalls of either stagnation or over-experimentation, and remained true to the spirit of the traditional Black Metal genre, whilst at the same time breathing fresh life into it.

True to form Hoest has spent three years working on Kong Vinter, ensuring that the album is imbued with the unique Taake sound, whilst at the same time taking it even further. It is deceptively familiar to the ear, yet it is unpredictable as it winds its way sinuously through a soundscape that only a mother could love. A soundscape underscored by a nasty groove, that at times can seem devilishly playful.

The result is an album that is both progressive and straight forward, with a touch of the devil's own music - rock'n'roll , making it unmistakably Taake. It is, in fact, an illustration as to why, for over two decades, Hoest has succeeded in remaining relevant and at the forefront of the genre.

Kong Vinter, on which Hoest plays all the instruments himself, was recorded and produced by Bjornar Nilsen (Vulture Industries) at his Conclave and Earshot Studios in Bergen. With a running time of 55 minutes and album artwork by Tom Korsvold, track listing is as follows:

1. Sverdets Vei
2. Inntrenger
3. Huset i Havet
4. Havet i Huset
5. Jernhaand
6. Maanebrent
7. Fra Bjoergegrend mot Glemselen
8. On Top (De Press cover, bonus track on the vinyl edition)


9/27/2017 8:15:29 AM
"It is deceptively familiar to the ear, yet it is unpredictable ... only a mother could love."
Spent 3 years working on this every moment of free time he had. Neglected his wife, kid, and half-assed it at work. Submitted the pre-master to the label, giddy as fck - it was perfect. Label guy spins the disc a few days later, "what the fck? didn't we already sell this?". Hoest gets accused of wasting all the money on drugs but has always been sXe.

9/27/2017 9:04:59 AM
How bout you taake a hike.

9/27/2017 9:24:05 AM

9/27/2017 10:15:26 AM
thought this said Taken for a minute and got stoked