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Killswitch Engage demoing material for new album

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 10:35 AM PT

Killswitch Engage band

Massachusetts metal veterans Killswitch Engage have been working on new material as-of-late for their next record and follow-up to 2016's Incarnate. The band has offered up the following update (see Instagram post below):

"Jam sessions starting up in October, demos are getting cranked out! 2018 we will be dropping some music and getting back on the road once again!"


8/30/2017 10:57:25 AM
this is so lit fam
I fvck wit dis and do so many dabz
I plank to this so hard fam
my tamagotchi fvcks wit dis fam
and I dab to this
this is so lit fam!

8/30/2017 12:24:57 PM
A cool skull pic (not skull PICK lol ink masters David Navor) from the metalcore staples KSC! Jesse is ok but when I saw them he could only get his dainty fist halfway up his gaping, swollen jerk! But Howard would swing his monster shrirvled, lime-green-brown (like a bruised ripe banana) dingus like a helicopter their whole set while cramming both bomtpon fists in and out his favorite cavity! U could tell he really loved cramming to. "Holy crammer!!" He sang

8/30/2017 12:31:25 PM
With both Afro fists up his jerk
'Holy crammer!!
You've been down so long in my cavity
Oh it's my favorite cavity

Shit diamonds!
My jerk is bruised black and blue
Someone will cram yours too! Look out!
Gotta craammm...gotta jamm..holy crammer!

8/30/2017 12:33:38 PM
Holy crammer!!!
that is so lit fam!

8/30/2017 1:21:55 PM
Lol xD 2nd verse:
Spin the dingus!
Cram my ass u know it's not clean!
Oh my dinguss is lime-greeen

Gotta craam..gotta jaaaam...holy crammer!

8/30/2017 2:56:18 PM
Did Rushing get to cram his beefy swizzle stick in all 5 of Conquer Divide before signing, otherwise no deal? I would have.

8/30/2017 2:57:40 PM
Wth I legit posted this on The Artery Foundation feed. Sit is broken quite possible time to hang it up.

8/30/2017 3:06:14 PM
Who is rushing idiot this is the KSE thread of the website, "holy crammer!!!!"

8/30/2017 3:10:37 PM
No one asked for this. But now that that AILD guy is out of prison maybe they'll tour together.

8/30/2017 3:22:06 PM
Maybe he'll show up in your living room spread eagle female dog. Heard he's out of the game and prison taught him a different one.

8/30/2017 3:27:06 PM
*I can't even type in b.itch now ? can someone else try so I can see if it's word replacement in the sites programming or if it's the kid who does the site messing with me.

8/30/2017 4:25:28 PM
Ur a bitch

8/30/2017 4:41:13 PM
Thanks for that. I guess I'm being singled out with hopes that it will drive me into delirium and I log off forever. No sense reasoning with the kid, when I do he becomes a mealy mouthed nincompoop.

8/30/2017 4:54:04 PM
My cousin (Salem native) witnessed one of their main rehearsals. Adam, the band's comedian, kept looking above the door, where a clock was. The band asked why he kept looking and he said that he kept doing that because it was riff o'clock, and then the band laughed. Trust.?

8/30/2017 5:51:07 PM
Hm who knows what to believe, my uncle who has sex with Adam says he was checking the clock too but when they asked him why he pulled out his signature, shrirvled lime-green dingus, spinning it like the hands of the same clock. Then he crammed his pale fist up his itchy, fertile jerk to the beat while the band played a rendition of "holy crammer". My uncle started cramming and jamming too and he said Howard was on FaceTime spinning his brown &green dingus like a helicopter too

8/30/2017 6:30:49 PM
^^...Chalie?? Is that you, butterteeth?

8/30/2017 10:08:20 PM
Found an old interview with Howard thot id share from a few years ago
"Dio is a big influence, n crammin the devil horns up ur rotten jerk was groundbreaking back then but every 12 y/o with a shriveled, lime-green dingus can do that now. I saw Glum Danzo jam his fist wearing his studded, leather wristband and that really opened my eyes. I went home and spun my shriveled, brown and green dingus around like a helicopter for the camera for hours!"

8/31/2017 1:12:14 AM
So I watched 'my money balls' feat Bard Prot, Jody Hell, inspiring movie about a fictional bass ball team the California 'Oaky smokey As'. Billy 'ballsack' beans crammin in the Clevland indin parking garage and he spot fat petey. Petor tell Beanzo that the best players can spin they shriveled lime-green dinguses like a helicopter for the crowd. Billo buys his daughter/gf a guitar and jams it up his rotting jerk for her birthday for her and her friends. #1 dad he say to himself

8/31/2017 6:55:38 AM
pick squeals are STOKKKKKED

8/31/2017 3:58:28 PM
Whoever posted the above is a fun loving cheesehead

8/31/2017 3:59:49 PM
WTF I CANT EVEN SAY M#ther f&@king id10+ ? What kind of shit censor

8/31/2017 4:51:33 PM
screamed verses & sung choruses are stoked

9/8/2017 12:26:45 AM
van flip lol