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Pig Destroyer, Cattle Decapitation members launch band

Monday, August 28, 2017 2:35 PM PT

China Girl band

John Jarvis (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Scour) and Derek Engemann (Cattle Decapitation, Scour) have teamed up with Dennis Sanders (Spirit In The Room) to launch a new project called China Girl. Work on the group's debut record is near completion, with further details pending.

A rough preview of their output can be heard below.

[via ThePRP]


8/28/2017 3:27:31 PM
After many a year of success it now time, for a new band. Grain veterans Jarn Johnvis and Dengelberry will team w Denny's Sandwich to form supergroup 'Chinese Grrlz" Name comes from a successful tour PACKAGE of asia in hm '96 the trio capped off said tour by spending their earnings of 50,000 yen ($435) on the best chinese girls money could buy BUTT with dire consequences: collectively saw they Brownish-Pink Dinguses turn to Lime Green Dinguses. Stay tuned to Turkey Sandwich insta 4 more deetz.

8/28/2017 3:51:29 PM
Shut the f.uck up Srj you're not welcome here any more.

8/28/2017 4:11:54 PM
Obviously not serj/sex guy, same person posted both comments

8/28/2017 4:48:28 PM
^ Dude above def does NOT have trained LG eyes. First comment is obviously Srj doing a new bit, one that's somehow even less funny and got worn out REAL quick.

8/28/2017 5:48:06 PM
Most controversial polarizing LG since fronz here

8/28/2017 5:54:42 PM
the comments are polarised and this website is financed by the polarization.

8/28/2017 5:55:05 PM
^site doesn't make much, <5k / yr.

8/28/2017 6:02:15 PM
Pig destroyer cattle decapitation anyone notice those names are the same things
Sorry for commenting about the actual article, better leave room for the fggt telling srj to shut up on every post

8/28/2017 6:05:51 PM
Btw what's the meaning of agoraphobic nosebleed shouldn't it be like haemophobkc nosebleed even tho that sounds awful

8/28/2017 6:19:46 PM
^^ There's room for both your dumb observations about band names and for dumb shitposting about dumb serj being dumb ya big dumb

8/28/2017 6:28:30 PM
who is srj? also this should be good I would think

8/28/2017 6:42:07 PM
The commenters on this site are composed of around seven distinct humans, one of which is webby. The others all lie firmly somewhere on the spectrum except one guy who is just a drunk (broke edge at age 15).

8/28/2017 6:53:38 PM
More metal talk should be going on, however, this site is just a glorified Rap/Bubblegum/pop culture forum anymore.

8/28/2017 7:40:56 PM
I also asked who Srj was on the converge post and I got called lo jack

8/28/2017 7:47:31 PM
Wtf does polarizing mean in this instance?! So confused

8/28/2017 8:14:03 PM
Commenters are split between liking and hating
Idk what the finance guy meant exactly

8/28/2017 9:19:16 PM
David Bowie called. He wants his prosthetic penis back

8/28/2017 9:49:35 PM
It was the 1960s, SNL was a hit with the kids and even jimmy carter danced the hula to Cher 'life after love'. American taste maker and billboard 100 top charter Davis Bowie sung a song for Martin sheen live on SNL prime time television. He pulled out the shriveld, lime green dingus of a puppet on stage and shocked the cast feat Willy Ferel and Jim Fallon. He has a song called China girls. think that's what he talkin bout idk

8/28/2017 9:54:35 PM

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8/29/2017 12:21:08 AM
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8/29/2017 1:40:13 AM
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8/29/2017 5:51:50 AM
^ lg eyes. You aren't shit.

8/29/2017 11:18:43 AM
so, all those dudes really are into heroin, aren't they?

8/29/2017 1:24:14 PM
Finance means the kid who does the site makes all his money because of the commenters
and 99% of the traffic coming in to see the comments, but and then throws us all
under the bus, deletes posts etc.
Wth is a dingus?

8/29/2017 3:06:53 PM
Srj is dead

8/29/2017 5:52:58 PM
Do the ppl want Srj back??

8/29/2017 10:47:00 PM
This rules, srj is a babbling retard. Pls fcking kill yourself

8/30/2017 4:09:34 PM
Absolutely zero people want srj back. The mumbling c*nt