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Stray From The Path debut song with Knocked Loose singer

Sunday, August 13, 2017 6:45 PM PT

A new Stray From The Path song titled "All Day & A Night" made its online debut today via BBC Radio 1's Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter. The new track features Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose and will appear on SFTP's forthcoming album, Only Death Is Real, due out on September 8. You can have a listen below (fast forward to the 51-minute mark).


8/13/2017 6:53:33 PM
Making a name for themselves on the traveling circus circuit, legendary hardcore staple 'stay on my path" became a household name when they were featured on the 2006 TV movie "Alex Mack lives". Lovingly abbreviated as "AML", the film became a cult sensation, and springboarded the career of rap rock stalwarts "5FTP". Says 'tim Morlo' of wah-wah pedals fame, 'it was all a dream-I use to read wassap magazines"

8/13/2017 6:54:50 PM
As your mom gently moans next to me I have to say that death is not the only real thing. You have never made a sql query run in milliseconds when it used to run in minutes. That my friend is real. Ride the beast. Read the plan.

8/13/2017 7:01:05 PM
Heavily influenced by the Iron Maiden t shirt his older brother wore to school, sftp singer spent hours in front of his computer, rapping over 'tom and jerry beats' (??). He continues, "senior year i wanted to be a doctor so I carried around a medicine ball that i got from PE"

8/13/2017 7:12:31 PM
If it's a war you came to see you will never see a waved white flag in front me.
I can't end up dead, I wont be misled.
I'll keep singing this song inside my head.
Featured on defunct cripples 'ghost in mine head" debut, lead single 'engine room I'm 45' lay the groundwork for sinister distortion, juxtaposied with tremelo picking and aggressive hammerons usually found in more straight forward punk rock beats. What 'TGI' lack in arms and legs, frontman 'vin' says they make up for with triggers

8/13/2017 8:09:15 PM
Shut up loser absolutely zero people are reading that. Also band is prententious leftist trash

8/13/2017 8:32:55 PM
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8/13/2017 9:15:10 PM
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8/13/2017 9:25:19 PM
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8/13/2017 10:41:22 PM
Keep it up keyboard warriors; you're making my night at work less boring!

8/13/2017 10:58:51 PM
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8/14/2017 7:19:43 AM
LOL dude just got straight 4chan-owned

8/14/2017 8:17:21 AM
^ just straight advertised he lives at home and works at bk

8/14/2017 10:03:34 AM
singer looks like an ewok

8/14/2017 10:31:56 AM
^^^ lol which one? I thought the guy with the innocent enough keyboard warrior comment got faced hard

8/14/2017 3:45:15 PM
Stray from the cucked

8/14/2017 6:15:37 PM
Leftists are only leftists because they are unemployed masturbators who all dropped out of college.

8/14/2017 11:21:57 PM
Lol @ all the neo conservatives angry at this band. We get it you like Hitler.

P.S. Joe Hardcore sucks.

8/14/2017 11:24:02 PM
^^ are you high or just stupid?

8/14/2017 11:26:09 PM
^^^ lol which one? I thought the guy with the innocent enough keyboard warrior comment got faced hard


8/15/2017 5:18:44 AM
I don't think this band can redeem themselves after how bad that last video was they put out

8/15/2017 8:29:39 AM
Lol @ all the neo conservatives angry at this band

^^ we get it. you are still confused by which bathroom to use

band and its members are garbage. dick riding for the spotlight

8/15/2017 5:12:35 PM
Confused about bathrooms? Just like your dad!

8/15/2017 6:03:10 PM
^ fail

8/15/2017 6:49:30 PM
Band sucks.

So does Knocked Loose.

8/15/2017 11:59:12 PM
Why is there a political side war going on in these comments? We have to be close to Armageddon..

8/18/2017 5:54:08 PM
Knocked Loose kicks ass... that is all trolls!

8/21/2017 11:14:23 AM
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