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Oceano, Despised Icon teased for Summer Slaughter 2017

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 6:55 PM PT

As is their tendency every year, organizers of The Summer Slaughter Tour like to tease their lineups via song and album titles. Within the past day, the official tour Facebook account posted the following, strongly suggesting that Oceano, Despised Icon or Origin ("The Aftermath" could be either), and Slaughter To Prevail will participate in the 2017 installment of Summer Slaughter.

Two weeks ago, a similar post was a hint centered around Dying Fetus and The Black Dahlia Murder.


5/10/2017 8:02:55 PM

5/10/2017 8:08:12 PM
Deathcore Jon's dick just exploded in his pants...I mean gravemarker mesh moshing shorts.

5/10/2017 9:00:52 PM
lineup for SS 2017, JUL/AUG - The Black Dahlia Murder (headlining), Dying Fetus, Born of Osiris, Despised Icon (select dates), Decapitated (their headliner doesn't start until late AUG), Oceano, Goatwhore, Slaughter To Prevail, Lorna Shore and Widowmaker

5/10/2017 9:37:36 PM
Sources are foggy lmao like SHAVO room tell him to blow it out the window but he says he pay his rent lol he don't know what money is haha thinks plastic tubs are currency..anway lol thought I check in havent blogged in a few weeks and well? the fans gettin resless xD srj tmkn-sod fame. It ture i may know a lil somethin bout the fest titled "summa slappers 2009" tour lol I believe "THE AFTERMAN" actually referring to a cohead and camping joint! The after man! just my 2 cents and prediction!

5/11/2017 1:47:57 AM
Wow, they've NEVER had these bands on this tour before. Flush.

5/11/2017 5:44:06 AM
Buying some fresh Jordan's, a fitted, and camo shorts as we speak. This'll be lit.

5/11/2017 6:00:52 AM
About time summer slaughter branched out and got some different bands

5/11/2017 7:01:29 AM
lg eyes. This is no Serj

5/11/2017 9:50:28 AM
Emilllllliio aka Sod Omee is stoked

5/11/2017 11:29:14 AM
More like Summer's Laughter tour.

5/11/2017 6:04:40 PM
Almost half way through May and the lineup isn't confirmed yet? Err

5/12/2017 6:39:26 AM
Any "leaked" lineup with Despised Icon is fake. I can 100% confirm that it's Origin.