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Northlane unexpectedly releases new album, stream available

Thursday, March 23, 2017 3:58 PM PT

With no advance notice, Northlane has unexpectedly released a brand new album titled Mesmer. The record is available now via CD, LP, tape cassette, and digital. Produced by David Bendeth, the album can be streamed in its entirety below.

The band has issued this statement regarding the record's "surprise" release:

"Through determination, hard work, sacrifice and a bit of luck, we are able to travel the world taking our music to fans both old and new. We're able to spend time crafting the music we want to hear with the benefit of not having to leave the studio early to go and work a job. To an artist these are real luxuries. We appreciate them more than anything and we're in the position of being able to do this because of you - our incredible fans who continue to support us. You free us to be the artists we want to be.

"Because of this, we have decided to put out this record in a way that means our fans will hear it the second they know it exists. You can stream Mesmer for free right now if you want to. If you want to support us even more, all the new LP variants and merch are all available for purchase immediately. No one has to wait, and if you're buying direct from us or our label, you don't have to purchase an expensive bundle because everything is available separately.

"This is our way of rewarding our fans for everything they've given us. What our music means to you is what it means to us. Art is an experience, and to us it reserves no room for competition, and the only accolade that matters to us is the place this holds in your heart.

"Releasing the album in this way has had its disadvantages. We were warned that it was going to be a difficult thing to pull off, and that it could mean the album won't chart as well or get covered enough by the media. But for us, that didn't matter. We've had some awesome chart results (#1 and #3), been nominated for and won awards, and we've been in plenty of magazines around the world. It's all great and flattering, but for us nothing compares to the feeling we get from connecting with our fans who love and respect our art. To share in that with them is everything to us, and when it came down to it - it was the one thing that mattered the most.

"Releasing Mesmer in this way has been right for us at this moment in time. We have grown immeasurably as people and as a band through the toughest recording process we've ever endured. We've been tested every step of the way and have come out the other side with something we are truly proud of. We didn't want to keep it from you a moment longer than we had to. We felt we owed it to this album to try and think creatively about every aspect of the way people would experience Mesmer, like a gift from us to you that is being unboxed. We wanted to make everyone's discovery of this moment special."

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3/23/2017 4:04:13 PM

3/23/2017 4:20:21 PM
Production seems very thin. Not really sure the benefit of going with David.

3/23/2017 4:25:37 PM
i traveled by plane from Canada to Sioux Falls with a couple friends to watch Northlane, pleasantly surprised that the opener was basically a bunch of kids my age. Pretty hyped for their new album

3/23/2017 4:26:38 PM
Vocalist reminds me of Mike Hranica too much at times

3/23/2017 4:32:24 PM
Omg. Such unexpect. Surprise. Wow. U did it.

3/23/2017 4:35:48 PM
Garbage. Listen to better music, cucks.

3/23/2017 4:48:20 PM
fck, I want to climb into this vidos and live in it

3/23/2017 5:59:40 PM
'YEEEEEESSSSS DADDDDYYYYYYY!!' is the new 'BLEGH' before a punishing breakdown. with that said, sparse potential on this one friends.

3/23/2017 6:15:58 PM
^ stop stealing lines I posted from over a year ago poser.

3/23/2017 7:14:10 PM

3/23/2017 7:20:54 PM
Well it official press release the new cheddered cheese and well everyone get down with the craze! :) lmao srj tmkn-sod fame. It ture the "boys draped in silk and decorative foliage" the north star have written they first novel and well i know the boys, den Mlkn, SHAVO, would give it 2 thumb up if SHAVO could read lmao den teachin him tho. Anway back when we release chip SUY! back in lmao u no the rest, it all about giveaways and well the 1st six fan to buy "mine toxic cities"? Free t shirt

3/23/2017 7:24:35 PM
finally the real srj returns

3/23/2017 9:42:12 PM
Sounds like nu metal with emo vocals

3/23/2017 11:27:24 PM
David sucks. Days of paramore and Hawthorne heights are over

3/24/2017 6:12:19 AM
i mean, they're no MetoiletA

3/24/2017 8:23:19 AM
cool masks...so novel. I've never seen a band with masks before

3/24/2017 9:42:56 PM
Imagine being a band this far into a ~career~ and just starting to do the weird nu metal mask gimmick so cringingly late? They were late on ripping pwd/iktpq, then late on misery signals, then late on Sumerian djent, now late on trying to be Karnivool so maybe it really is 2001 limp bizkit time in their worlds timeline

3/25/2017 2:44:59 AM
I own all of their releases but I won't be buying this garbage.