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Madball postpones tour of South America

Friday, March 17, 2017 8:27 AM PT

Madball has postponed their South American tour, set to commence today in Chile. The move comes as frontman Freddy Cricien must attend to a medical issue involving one of his children. Cricien had this to say:

"Unfortunately, we have to postpone this upcoming SA tour. Like I mentioned in the video that's circulating- there's a medical issue in my family, that we're dealing with. A very unexpected one, obviously. I'd rather not get into the details- What I can say is, it involves one of my children and they mean everything to me. I'm hoping that the situation here improves, first and foremost. In the meantime, I am in touch with all the promoters to assure that this tour happens- Sooner than later. We know there was a lot of effort put into this, a lot invested on all sides- flights, hotels, time, money,etc. I'd appreciate it, if everyone can show some compassion and patience -Not only with us, but with the people who put in their best efforts to organize the tour. We live by our word and we will honor it - This tour will happen! We apologize for anyone we inconvenienced. Family first is how we grew up, I hope everyone understands that. We will announce some dates very very soon. Thanks for the support. For those who have already reached out, thanks for your thoughts and well wishes."