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Killswitch Engage announces two-disc Blu-ray, CD release

Thursday, October 27, 2016 12:52 PM PT

Official press release:

Killswitch Engage, who released Incarnate in March of this year, will once again participate in Record Store Day festivities. For Black Friday/Record Store Day on Friday, November 25, the Grammy-nominated, Massachusetts-based hard rock band will release Beyond the Flames: Home Video Part II. The release is a two-disc, Blu-ray and CD package and is exclusive to Record Store Day. Watch the trailer here:

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Beyond The Flames: Home Video Part II is a treasure trove of gripping content containing over 3.5 hours of footage that is sure to delight KsE fans. At the heart of this release is a 75-minute documentary that chronicles the return of original vocalist Jesse Leach, after nearly a decade of being apart, to the band he helped form back in 1999.

The piece also takes a close look at the KsE early years that eventually led to Leach's initial departure. Produced and directed by KsE storyteller Denise Korycki, this documentary picks up right where their 2005 (Set This) World Ablaze release left off, revealing the untold rest-of-the Killswitch Engage story.

"We are pleased to show people the journey we have been on as a band," said Leach. "From the first show to even the last one we played recently, I know I have much more to learn and to offer as a musician and a lyricist. I am proud of all we have done since my first day returning to this band. However, I am certain we have just started to gain momentum and find our groove together. We are honored to be in and are dedicated to this band and wherever the future takes us. I hope people can see us for who we really are. We are just five guys who love to make music and love our fans."

For those KsE fans craving more live footage, Beyond The Flames: Home Video Part II definitely doesn't disappoint. Seventeen live performances have been captured from around the globe, including Leach's first show back in the band, Download Festival, Knotfest, Loud Park Japan, and some surprises along the way. See Killswitch Engage alive, raw and reunited, doing what they do best.

Additional bonus material includes music videos, unique individual band member profiles, outtakes, and a bonus audio disc of six, previously unreleased live tracks from the band's now-legendary 2014 "Monster Mosh" show in Worcester, Massachusetts. The track listing for the live CD is below.

1. "No End in Sight"
2. "Life to Lifeless"
3. "Always"
4. "In Due Time"
5. "My Curse"
6. "The End of Heartache"


10/27/2016 1:25:24 PM
Lol KSE would release a cd & blu ray in 2017

10/27/2016 1:44:32 PM
Alivekeep Expel

Imagine a member leaving this band. "The former Killswitch Engage singer is starting a new band called Sireconstant Divorce. As the new Sireconstant Divorce singer he plans to step out of the shadows of his former band, Killswitch Engage."

10/27/2016 1:47:05 PM
Todd Jones announces double sided magnetic tape, compact cassette - Mean Streets (vol. 1) / Concrete Streets (vol. 2) release.

10/27/2016 1:47:23 PM
blu ray... lolz

10/27/2016 2:00:51 PM
^Your dad's boyfriend (his dad) throw Shaving Ryan's Privates on vhs because they like the rawness that is laking in bluray

10/27/2016 2:06:16 PM
The Jones Brothers set to release bla bla

10/27/2016 2:41:19 PM
<Your girlfriends boyfriend (his dad) throw Shaving Privates Ryans on sandwich because they like the rudeness that is laquered in manaray

10/27/2016 2:43:09 PM
Brian Sankus here. Doing the next KsE run. Look over the partition in the urinal? You get a wink and a pucker. Mention Low? Nibble on the earlobe.

Brian Sankus

10/27/2016 2:54:09 PM
These dudes are the 5 Seconds Of Summer of "Metal"

10/27/2016 3:07:13 PM
I have been a huge fan of this signed band and heavy music since 2009.

10/27/2016 3:51:06 PM
I dunno these arent doing it for me, does Matt Fox have a breakfast update or anything

10/27/2016 9:58:01 PM
Killswitch Blu-rage, fruits

10/28/2016 7:25:34 AM
Adam D is so funny. I love humor in metal it makes me take bands more serious.

10/28/2016 3:06:18 PM
We had played a show the previous night and i was broke. i waiting for my mother in pompano beach to send me some money through western union. after pestering geert i was disgusted because he only had a vegan burrito so i resorted to digging through the trash outside taco bell and snarfed a half-eaten bean burrito and some mexi tots scattered about.

10/31/2016 1:11:31 PM
Adam D. is forever 6 years old