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All Shall Perish working on new music

Sunday, October 23, 2016 9:51 AM PT

A year after announcing their reformation, California deathcore act All Shall Perish looks to have begun preparing material for a new release. Unfortunately, the band hasn't yet shared any information other than the photo below, featuring guitarist Chris Storey working in a Fairfield, California studio. According to the photo's caption, "This is where it begins."


10/23/2016 11:09:05 AM
Meanwhile, Chris Storey is pooping in his diaper.

10/23/2016 8:13:33 PM
All Shall Toilet

10/24/2016 1:15:52 AM
clown in the chair looks very brutal

10/24/2016 6:48:57 AM
its true, all shall perish. and eventually this band will too. we just need to hunker down and deal with it until they are finally gone.

10/24/2016 11:36:58 AM
Band is absolute trash. They have a laptop for a bass player. I'm pretty sure non of them are from Birmingham. You couldn't pay me to watch them live.

10/24/2016 11:44:25 AM
^They need to watch out on you stalking them!

10/24/2016 12:02:55 PM
This is where gayry BEGIN

10/24/2016 1:25:46 PM
Ronald McDonald core

10/26/2016 7:45:31 AM
I am legit excited for this. Storey can shred like a motherfu.cker

10/26/2016 9:12:59 PM
I legit just pee peed in my pantsies.

(completely unrelated to this.... "news")