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Tombs sign with Metal Blade Records

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 10:10 AM PT

Official press release:

Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the worldwide signing of Brooklyn-based experimental metal outfit Tombs.

Blending bleak, post-punk minimalism with the ferocious attack of sludge and traditional black metal, Tombs has established themselves as an act that's as committed to consistency as it is to growth, developing smoothly (but never predictably) over the course of their career, and earning a multitude of accolades along the way (including "album of the year" from Decibel Magazine for 2011's Path Of Totality). In addition to their acclaimed releases, Tombs has also become revered for their captivating live shows, touring extensively with an array of artists such as Eyehategod, Pelican, Isis, Wolves In The Throne Room, The Secret, Ulcerate, and 1349, plus appearing at renowned festivals: Roskilde Festival in Denmark, Roadburn in The Netherlands, and Psycho California and Maryland Deathfest in the USA. Now, having joined Metal Blade's roster, the quintet is poised to continue the momentum that's been building since their formation in 2007.

Mike Hill (guitar/vocals) comments: "Metal Blade is a legendary label that has put out legendary records by legendary bands. It's an honor to be part of the organization."


8/16/2016 10:46:18 AM
Honestly, Who?? I don't see Todd Jones in this, so it must be horrid.

8/16/2016 11:19:38 AM
6 months from now....

"Tombs robbed in St. Louis"

8/16/2016 2:56:30 PM
If these guys had been on the Victory Style samplers years ago, they would have been laughed at. Compare them to Strife or Warzone or Shutdown and you can hardly call them hardcore. It's a joke, it really is. Raybeez would be soooo ashamed. If you want to go metal, do it like Bloodlet or Sepultura. This is garbage, guys.

8/16/2016 3:00:01 PM
fcking Snapcase!!! I forgot to mention them! They do new school hardcore right!! We need to get some energy back into our music and our message. Don't forget the struggle, don't forget the streets! RIP RAYBEEZ 1961-1997

8/16/2016 5:19:03 PM

8/16/2016 9:09:37 PM
Tombs is not 'legendary"

8/17/2016 1:14:02 PM
As if winning awards means anything.
Who cares .

8/17/2016 8:32:40 PM
fck all you little weiners. this band is actually very good