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Suicide Silence, Gwar to play Gathering of the Juggalos

Wednesday, May 04, 2016 7:00 AM PT

Gathering of the Juggalos 2016 (aka Gathering 17) will take place July 20, 21, 22, and 23 at Legend Valley in Thornville, OH and the initial lineup has now been revealed. Notably, the roster will include botch Gwar and Suicide Silence. Both acts will appear on the Big Top Stage, which will also feature festival founders Insane Clown Posse in addition to Tech N9ne and Twiztid, among others.

Here's the official pitch:

"The Gathering of the Juggalos throughout the years has become one of the most uniquely rewarding events our world has ever known. This twenty-four hour outdoor rap and rock music festival is lovingly referred to as the greatest family reunion on earth! Here, thousands upon thousands of Juggalos from around the world completely let go as they gather for four days and nights with uninhibited joy, as they celebrate their existence on the grandest scale possible. Here, you will find a bizarre, carnivalesque jubilee, featuring concerts, wrestling, comedian performances, carnival rides, contests, autograph signings, gaming, late night parties, and so much more, with the true magic and embodiment of the Dark Carnival spirit being provided by our very own Juggalo family! Here, is an independently ran event which remains the only festival untarnished by corporate sponsorship so we can do whatever the fuck we want. To make things even better is the fact that this year heralds the 17th Gathering, which is a sacred number that has always resonated deep within the Juggalo world. This year promises to unfold as one of the most memorable and exciting Gatherings of all time! So come one, come all, to experience this euphoric event that will be recounted in tales throughout the ages. This is the one you truly do not want to miss!"


5/4/2016 7:04:36 AM
sounds like a fckfest of horrible proportions

5/4/2016 7:14:56 AM
you had me at "carnivalesque jubilee"

i secretly have always wanted to check out the gathering for only like... 1 night. just to truly see what it's all about. but that's if i managed to not get stabbed

5/4/2016 7:21:25 AM

5/4/2016 7:28:16 AM
any gathering featuring suicide silence gets a hard back. that band's a national treasure.

'Deathcore' Jon

5/4/2016 7:30:26 AM
NAILS will be on this. Todd Jones is down with the clown.

5/4/2016 7:34:49 AM
*Old Wounds reaction video coming soon*

5/4/2016 7:36:42 AM
Botch reunion confirmed!

5/4/2016 8:02:36 AM
I'll be the obese guy with face paint doing whippits. Whoop whoop family.

5/4/2016 8:14:56 AM
Much motha fckin wicked clown love. Whoop whoop. Faygo Nation. No Duffalo nation. Down for my mutha fckn clownz.

5/4/2016 8:49:16 AM
I will be definitely considering just for Botch.

5/4/2016 8:57:52 AM
i still maintain that Violent J is really Guy Fierri or that fat fck from Smash Mouth

5/4/2016 9:10:51 AM
Turnstile should headline the gathering....so that way skinny chicks show up

5/4/2016 9:17:41 AM
Meth labs will be unattended that day

5/4/2016 10:23:54 AM
"i still maintain that Violent J is really Guy Fierri or that fat fck from Smash Mouth"


5/4/2016 10:54:46 AM
Old Wounds will change their makeup and try to suck dcks to get on this next year .

5/4/2016 11:11:01 AM
Deathcore bands still headlining in 2016... you can't explain that

5/4/2016 11:53:56 AM
I think the fact that deathcore is now a favorite of Juggalos actually makes a lot of sense.

5/4/2016 12:25:23 PM
will be there for the morbidly obese pssy

5/4/2016 12:53:32 PM
Fat asses who use manpons are stoked as fugggggggg...whoo whoo poo poo in the drawers.

5/4/2016 1:50:23 PM
Terrible smells are stoked.

5/4/2016 2:19:52 PM
Ohio is a perfect fit for this

5/4/2016 3:43:42 PM
^ ok Mr. Basement

5/4/2016 5:01:03 PM
on a serious note, you should definitely check out an ICP show if you haven't yet. Most fun show I've ever seen

5/4/2016 5:17:39 PM
^^ on a serious note you're missing a few chromosomes ding dong

5/4/2016 5:37:22 PM
Emmure should be on this

5/4/2016 5:53:55 PM
Same crowd as a Trump rally.

5/4/2016 7:29:06 PM
"I will be definitely considering just for Botch."

please delete. comment was posted already(in 2002.)^^^^^^

5/4/2016 8:23:16 PM
On a serious note, how long before "ironically" listening to ICP becomes the new trend?

Or is that just a bridge too far? Lol

5/4/2016 8:27:15 PM
Breaking: ICP and Twiztid post lambgoat comments reaction video

5/4/2016 8:36:41 PM
BREAKING: Wander upstairs. Mommy made you a sandwich, before your Burger King shift.

5/4/2016 9:05:05 PM
what is lamer than taking shots at the easiest target in the world? i would go to this

5/4/2016 9:20:56 PM
i probably will. i'll be the super hot guy walking around shirtless in camo shorts

5/4/2016 11:06:53 PM
ICP will never be one of us.

5/6/2016 3:22:26 PM
Eye pokes in the pit all day eryday

5/7/2016 12:05:21 PM
The Gathering is great. Worked it last year and missed all the bands, but did have back stage passes. Truly a trip. Fücking nasty bïtches, smoking mass Krypie and pallets of shit Diet Faygo. Sticky-ass meth junkies but real laid back time. Even the Sheriffs were cool.

5/9/2016 3:02:04 PM
You know what this concert really needs more of? Covers of rap songs done in metal!