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Whitechapel announce new album, premiere song

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 8:44 AM PT

Official press release:

On June 24th, Whitechapel will release their sixth full-length, Mark of the Blade, worldwide via Metal Blade Records. Pushing their sound forward with each successive release, Mark of the Blade remains true to the band's roots while venturing into previously unexplored territory, both sonically and lyrically. To view the lyric video for the first single - the album's title track - and to pre-order the record in various formats, please visit: metalblade.com/whitechapel.

Reunited with producer Mark Lewis (The Black Dahlia Murder, Cannibal Corpse), Whitechapel has redefined who they are and what they are capable of with their new album, Mark of the Blade. Kicking off with "The Void" - which has a Slayer-esque ferocity that is perfectly suited to the band's three-guitar attack - the songs that follow all leave a distinct impression, and by the time the rich, dark melodies on "Decennium" bring the record to a close, it's impossible to deny the emotional weight brought to bear. "It's the most dynamic record we've done, in the sense that one song can be very aggressive while the next one will be softer and sentimental," guitarist Alex Wade asserts. "At this point in our career and as we grow older, we are taking a more open-minded approach to creating our music, allowing what we think sounds good to evolve naturally, rather than to just write what is expected of us."

Mark of the Blade track-listing:

01. The Void
02. Mark of the Blade
03. Elitist Ones
04. Bring Me Home
05. Tremors
06. A Killing Industry
07. Tormented
08. Brotherhood
09. Dwell in the Shadows
10. Venomous
11. Decennium


4/27/2016 9:03:18 AM
you're better off being more slam. just be a grimey ass death metal band with bell rides and breakdowns.

4/27/2016 9:05:48 AM
yeah son. bring the violence and hate. hard back and will be in running for album of the year with despised icon (obvi).

'Deathcore' Jon

4/27/2016 9:07:18 AM
Kids pretending to represent aggressive metal but who can only execute that of a present-day Limp Bizkit in sound quality, song writing, lyrical content, and general appearance (sans face paint) are stoked.

4/27/2016 9:21:30 AM
Honestly a numetal deathcore song

4/27/2016 9:22:01 AM

4/27/2016 9:29:19 AM
nothing but a pile of "meh". Where is the clean vocals we keep reading and not reading about? either way, go back to the This is Exile sounds.

4/27/2016 10:00:53 AM
This band ripped off Nails more than anything. Go back to kissing your sisters, ya Tennessee jagons!!!

4/27/2016 11:11:26 AM
Lololol@ 5 finger death chapel. This is just embarrassing.

4/27/2016 11:55:10 AM
Well, we already heard this before https://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=MKOysnr6NY4

I've listened to Sacrament about 100 times, and I know this song :)

4/27/2016 2:48:50 PM
It's not even that it's a boring song, it's just a BAD song. This seriously SUCKS.

4/27/2016 3:47:18 PM

4/27/2016 4:02:26 PM
this is bad
"deathcore" "roberto"

4/27/2016 5:13:02 PM
Sweet another Whitechapel song about blades and saws? Yawn...

4/27/2016 5:24:19 PM
Limp B I Z K I T is better than everyone

4/28/2016 9:50:49 AM
This sounds like The red chord's Lay The Tarp without any of the interesting elements The Red Chord had... and overproduced to shit

4/28/2016 9:14:32 PM
Pretty sure this is the point where the band starts losing fans. This is so cheesy it's like a parody of itself.

4/28/2016 10:50:58 PM
how are there three guitarists and sound so itty bitty

4/29/2016 12:38:38 AM
That opening riff sounds likes 10 different Nu-Metal songs

3 Guitarists and they play jump riffs?

4/29/2016 7:15:08 AM
you guys are a bunch of whining gays, songs dope. Jesus bash them for wanting to have a little more structure and get a little more mainstream attention. wah wah wah, go listen to nile and shut the fck up